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Bush Supports Wolfowitz, For Obvious Reasons

World Bank President Paul Wolfowitz has enjoyed the solid and steady support of President Bush throughout the last few weeks as the controversy over his acts of favoritism has Wolfowitz on the verge of losing his job. Friday the bank's board moved forward, ordering a special panel to determine whether Wolfowitz should be allowed to remain as President.

The 24-member board expressed its "great concern" about the situation and instructed an ad hoc group to take up the matter immediately. Members of the group were not identified.

The United States is, acording to this report, notable absent from membership in the ad hoc group -- which leads me to believe Wolfowitz days are truly numbered. Meanwhile the bombshells continued to drop. This last Friday the Pentagon released a report which indicates Woflowitz may have recommended his girlfriend be awarded a lucrative 2003 contract. All of this may make you wonder why President Bush would maintain such a strong stance in support of Wolfowitz...

But for clues as to why Bush is standing by Wolfowitz one need look no further than this excellent chronology of the evolution of the Bush doctrine prepared by PBS.

1992 - Paul Wolfowitz, under secretary of defense for policy (the Pentagon's third-highest ranking civilian), takes the lead in drafting an internal set of military guidelines, called a "Defense Planning Guidance," which is routinely prepared every few years by the Defense Department.

Wolfowitz's draft argues for a new military and political strategy in a post-Cold War world. Containment, it says, is a relic of the Cold War. America should talk loudly, carry a big stick, and use its military power to preempt the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction (WMD). And if America has to act alone, so be it. (Read excerpts from the Wolfowitz draft.)

Controversy erupts after the draft is leaked to the press. The White House orders Defense Secretary Cheney to rewrite it. In the new draft there is no mention of preemption or U.S. willingness to act alone.

It's apparent from the chronology linked above that Wolfowitz has maintained a prominent position as one of the puppeteers "behind the curtain" in the White House. He was also one of the signatories to the Project for the New American Century's open letter to President Clinton which called for action against Iraq long before the fantasies were spun abut WMDs and yellow-cake Uranium.

Wolfowitz is one of the key architects of the disastrous push forward of the plan which ultimately led to our invasion of Iraq. His continued role in the evolution and support of the neo-conservative doctrine is now being "paid back" through Bush's support of Wolfowitz -- despite increasing evidence of improper behavior and favoritism.

PBS: Frontline: The War Behind Closed Doors

UPDATE: The timesonline.uk has a profile of Wolfowitz titled "The hawk brought down by an affair of the heart" which points out the rumors which suggest Wolfowitz was "..led into a clever trap baited with a femme fatale by hostile members of his board."

She is Shaha Ali Riza, a Libyan-born World Bank official who had been Wolfowitz's girlfriend for several years before he became the institution's head in 2005. They were both divorced, and although the bank's regulations forbid spouses or lovers supervising one another, Wolfowitz believed she could work with him provided he was removed from any decisions concerning her conditions of employment.

Times Online: The hawk brought down by an affair of the heart

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