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FDA Knew About Recent Food Contamination Problems

If FEMA's screwing of New Orleans wasn't enough to raise your ire, look at what the Republican'ts have done to the Food and Drug Administration!

The FDA knew about spinach concerns a year before the outbreak that killed three and sickened hundreds. It notified California growers in a letter, but never set up inspections.

The FDA also checked into reports of salmonella at a Georgia factory, more than a year before peanut butter caused 400 consumers to become ill.

One former FDA official says the agency is so under-staffed and under-funded that it would be a challenge to prevent outbreaks like these.

"I think, basically, the FDA, right now, is not able to protect the safety of the food supply the way people expect," said former FDA Deputy Commissioner for Policy Michael Taylor.

Excuse me, but where's the challenge here? We're wasting billions fighting a failed war in Iraq, and our children can't eat peanut butter without falling sick? We're not talking about uninspected fruit from South America here - we're talking about problems the FDA knew about more than a year ago!

The priorities out of Washington are painfully askew. This administration continues to run our country into the ground.

If only Halliburton was in the business of food inspections, then the White House would know how to solve this problem...

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The FDA "knew about spinach concerns" for about the last quarter-century. Salmonella and e. coli contamination of food has been a recurring issue since about forever.

Unfortunately, the best solution to those "concerns" is to crack down on illegal immigration, along with a heavy inspection and quarantine regimen for most of Southern California.

Guess what the California Congresscritters have always resisted the FDA doing?

Paul Hamilton:

The most offensive thing about this was that the Pubs say that they trusted the producers to police themselves. I'm sure that gave them a real good laugh right before they shipped out a bunch of veggies contaminated with sh!t...

Consumer and labor protection at all levels has taken a huge hit in this administration with consumer protection officials replaced by persons associated with the National Association Of Manufacturers, the Mining Safety board filled with mineowners and other weakening of consumer or labor interests. And with deadly consequences for the consumers and labor.

P. Bunyan:

When you start a post with a bald faced lie:

"FEMA's screwing of New Orleans"

it discredits the rest of the post.

Tell us Lee, how in the fabricated reality inwhich you exist is the largest and fastest response by the federal government in the history of the United States a "screwing"?


Peanut Butter/Iraq


It's really creepy trying to follow your logic Lee boy.

You sure do make a good parrot, though


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