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Romney Out to Buy Recognition

Earlier today Senator John McCain had to remind the American people that he's running for President, and now Republican Mitt Romney is following suit - spending several million dollars to do the same thing....

Mitt Romney began airing commercials Wednesday on national cable networks at a cost of some $2 million in an attempt to give his identity a lift in the crowded Republican presidential field.

Romney also renewed an ad campaign in Iowa and New Hampshire, a Romney adviser said. Most of the national ads will run on Fox News, a strategic effort by the Romney camp to reach conservative voters.

"We're happy to start some national advertising to make sure people understand who I am," the former Massachusetts governor said while campaigning in Salem, N.H.

How crowded can the field be when all you've got is Cutie Rudy and the guy - uhm what's his name... you know -- that guy that announced earlier today that he's running?

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Comments (7)


WTH is the point of this post lee?

what do most candidates in either party do with the money they raise besides enhance their recognition?

What does Bill Richardson do? Loosey-Kucie? Dodd?

I applaud you for your stout-hearted endurance coming out of the box with fresh lib material, but jeez man, pick your shots.

It's not like Romney doesn't have softer spots to poke.


Yeah, I gotta agree, what is he supposed to do with the campaign money he raises? Buy crack? I am interested to hear from some conservatives on what the hell is going on with these candidates for the (R) nomination? You got a Massachusetts flip-flopper, a New York gay and abortion rights champion who is the current frontrunner, and McCain a liberal, no the media term for him these days is "maverick" senator?

Ok, so they spent campaign money on advertisements. I thought that's what it was for?

Would you rather they decided to throw that money into special interest group's pockets? (oh wait I thought that doesn't happen...cough cough Clinton).

This is a non-story to me, they have to spend money on advertising to combat Rudy's popularity (so far he's leading the polls).

Heck of a day of reackoning for the Tele-Repubbies. McCain is still reaching for name recognition, and obviously so is Romney. Romney declared his candidacy over two months ago - and now he's spending $2 million on Fox no less, to get his message out there? Fox viewers don't now what he stands for? Odd.... it's been two months!

The ruling class is certainly drawn to Romney like a magnet, looking for another administration loyal to their class interests.

Ebay's billionaire Meg Whitman, and major league real estate developers and others feel that they can buy their influence into the Romney Administration the same way that the big defense contractors and oil company executives are the core of the Bush Administration(also the main reason for Iraq as well).

The best government money can buy? Romney may not have the people behind him. But he's got the big money people, which may more than make up for any public support that he doesn't have.


That is my question. I just don't see for the life of me who the right wing base can support. They don't have their candidate, and I don't think they're gonna get one. I live in Utah, the crimson state, (I think there's a proposal to put that on the license plate) and everyone I talk to here is in a sad conservative fog about 2008. My ultraconservative Hannity-worshipping brother-in-law says he will support Obama if Romney doesn't win the GOP nod, over McCain and Rudy. Can you believe that?

P. Bunyan:

A presidential candidate actually paid the run commercials on TV!


What about the children!


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