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Signs of Cold War Returning

Following up on Larkin's post regarding the lack of Iraqi support for the Baghdad wall, the administration's mismanagement of the civil war in Iraq made the erection of a wall dividing the city an easy prediction. It's a bad idea -- definitely -- and therefore it was easy to predict that the current administration would reach for that as a solution.

It's also no surprise that the Iraqis are resisting the idea. Damn, don't they realize that the whole "democracy" thing we promised was just a excuse the Republicans used to fund this debacle?

Worldwide, further signs of the world heading back towards the cold war days of old are surfacing, and the discord developing between Russia and, well -- just about everyone else -- are the most recent signs. Not surprisingly oil is one of the sources of the discord.

Trust between the EU and Russia has reached its lowest level since the end of the Cold War, EU Trade Commissioner Peter Mandelson has warned.

He said this was partly due to concerns over energy, which both thought the other was using as a political weapon.

...but what cold war would be complete without the requisite missiles aimed at the United States?

Russian president Vladimir Putin has warned that if the US follows through on its plan to install a network of missile defense systems in Europe, it will respond by repositioning its own arms to counteract the move.

This is further evidence that current U.S. foreign policy is serving to destabilize world politics. The Bush doctrine has failed, and the void created by the lack of a free world superpower capable of brokering world peace is showing. The best thing the current administration can do in their remaining time in power is to not make matters worse.

I have little faith in their ability, or even good-faith efforts, in that direction. We've seen repeatedly in recent elections the extent to which the GOP plays up terror and fear to gain votes. Expect Bush and Company to foster discord and instability leading into the 2008 national elections. Hopefully American voters will be smarter this next time around.

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Comments (6)

P. Bunyan:

I know it must've really bummed you out, Lee, when your side lost the last cold war, but is that really a good reason to be hoping for another one?

Patrick H:

Yep, the stability offered by the Taliban and Saddam was simply wonderful wasn't it? It's a sad fact that the left prefers despots to democracy.


So, in answer to the US placing ten missiles in Europe to counteract accidental launches from Russia and intentional ones from Iran, the Russians are going to move their ONE HUNDRED currently operational ABMs around Moscow to do what, exactly?

"...the Russians are going to move their ONE HUNDRED currently operational ABMs around Moscow to do what, exactly?"

Oh, I don't know - maybe try to convince us that it's a bad idea to park 10 patriot sites in Eastern Europe?

Isn't that one of the results you get in cold wars - one-upmanship that just keeps ratcheting up further and further...?

The GOP will love it...


Oh, I don't know - maybe try to convince us that it's a bad idea to park 10 patriot sites in Eastern Europe?

For one, it's probably not Patriot sites. They aren't capable of intercepting full-sized ICBMs, only smaller short-range ones like SCUDs.

...and that shifted-around system will convince us how? It's not exactly a threat, now is it?

"Yes, we'll take part of our current ABM setup (which represents about 100% of the actual operational strategic ICBM systems on the planet) and, er, defend harder."

It's just more rhetoric from Putin, who's pretending that Russia is still the center of the USSR, and that he might actually try something big versus Europe.

P. Bunyan:

So Lee, you think that it's best to appear weak in the face of a threat?

I know well you stance regarding the Islamofascists threat, but were you for unilateral disarmament in the 80's?


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