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What America Needs is a Janitor?

Get a load of this: (emphasis mine)

Of all the candidates running for president, Rudy Giuliani knows best what a 9/10 mentality means in an age of radical Islamist terror. He had to deal with the aftermath of bureaucratic confusion and politically-correct counterterrorism on 9/11 and the weeks afterward as the mayor of a city who saw almost 3,000 of his citizens killed by terrorists. So when Giuliani talks about the folly of returning to the defense against terrorists, he knows of what he speaks:

What a crock of bullshit. Guiliani is somehow qualified to determine and direct United States foreign policy because he cleaned up the mess after the 9/11 attacks? I suppose the janitor that cleans Steve Jobs office is therefore qualified to run Apple, using the same logic?

The fact is that Cutie Rudy had his hands especially full in the aftermath of 9/11 because the dunderhead decided to locate New York City's Central Command Center in Tower 7 of the World Trade Center -- despite the 1993 attack on the WTC -- and subsequently he had no central command point following the 9/11 attacks.

Not the brightest bulb on the tree, is he?

His defense for this bad choice? He says it doesn't matter that he made such a poor choice since the damn command center he built was, in his very own words, "not up to the task of 9/11 even if it survived the attacks."

Swell job Rudy, thumbs up big fella. Design a command center that is inadequate, then locate it at the top terrorist target in the city.

(emphasis mine)

OKLAHOMA CITY - Rudolph Giuliani offered a fresh defense yesterday of his decision to locate New York's emergency command center near the World Trade Center, suggesting the command center would not have been up to the task on 9/11 even if it had survived the attacks.

Giuliani, speaking at a seminar on the 12th anniversary of the Oklahoma City bombing, said the main New York command center, at 7 World Trade Center, and two backups were inadequate because none foresaw an attack on the scale of 9/11. Even if the main center had survived, "they were all one-third the size of what it turned out that we needed," he said. He also said the center was probably half the size needed to cope with the volume of calls after the attacks.

Some critics have questioned why Giuliani built the command center so close to such an attractive terror target, and some 9/11 families have used the issue to challenge the former mayor's reputation as a forceful leader.

America needs a leader in the White House, not a drag-queen janitor who makes excuses for his failures (we get enough of that from the current adminstration).

Guiliani is a joke - a pathetic joke - and if the Republicans can't do better than this the only question left to decide is which of the Democratic candidates gets the White House in '08, and which has to wait two terms before they get their turn.

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Shockingly, my opinion of Giuliani isn't much different than yours, Lee-but "drag queen janitor"? Sounds like hate speech to me-not that I think that should matter.Wizangblue has another post complaining about Rush Limbaugh and a parody song he played-so how is what you said any less offensive? If I was in a less charitable mood I'd say this was hypocrisy.Instead, I'll congratulate you on your new site-so congratulations!


I'm not going to vote for Giuliani, but if it comes to between him and Obama, Rudy has much more experience than the "Done Nothing in two years" Obama.

Paul Hamilton:

As someone who has never held office beyond the municipal level, his claims that he knows how to stop terrorism are clearly false. But you can expect him to invoke his heroic 9-11 persona at every opportunity since he really doesn't have anything else going for him.


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