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Audit Reveals more Ohio Diebold Problems

Slashdot story:

armb writes with a link to a Wired Blog entry about irregularities found in Diebold databases from the state of Ohio. The election in question here is November 2006, and the corruption of the entries may raise doubts about accurate tabulations. "Vote totals in two separate databases that should have been identical had different totals. Although Diebold explained that this was part of the system design for separate vote tables to get updated at different times during the tabulation process, the team questioned the wisdom of a design that creates non-identical vote totals. Tables in the database contained elements that were missing date and time stamps that would indicate when information was entered. Entries that did have date/time stamps showed a January 1, 1970 date. The database is built from Microsoft's Jet database engine. The engine, according to Microsoft, is vulnerable to corruption when a lot of concurrent activity is happening with the database, such as what occurs on an election night when results are uploaded and various servers are interacting with the database simultaneously."

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Tinfoil hat time! Watch out for the black helicopters following behind you Lee!

I just want to pose a couple questions to you Lee. What if by some chance it were ever found out the election was rigged? With Bush already sworn in what would it matter? With approx 18 months to go in his term what would it change? What if it were determined that the democrats stuffed ballot boxes in other districts? Would you report that or even care about it? And if you did report about it and care about it, what would it change?

It's definitely an exercise in futility with you Lee... Get out your tinfoil hat...


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