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Dems Debate Iraq - Who's smart? Who isn't?

MSNBC aired the first Democratic Presidential Debate this evening, and one of the questions centered on Iraq, asking the candidates if they agreed with Harry Reid's assessment that the war was "lost".

If you didn't see the debate live the 14 minute video linked has the response of each candidate.

Who do you think answered best? Who didn't? Who looked Presidential? Who should be laughed out of town?


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Comments (10)


These people are on the whole boring, it is WAY to early to be having "debates", and few people (such as myself) watched this thing live ( I merely play snippets as the one to which you linked.)

Having said that, Hillary showed herself to be incredibly hard-hearted. Her comment about Iraqis having to make sacrifices!!!!!!!!! What does she think many of them have been doing? Most of the casualties have been Iraqis, not Americans.

P. Bunyan:

First, I didn't watch the debate and I'm not going to watch the clip. Frankly, I don't care.

But I will say this: You don't "end" wars. You "win" them or you "loose" them. Anyone who can't understand this is not smart. And I'm willing to bet, without watching that clip that every single one of the leftists talked about ending the war with no regard to winning or loosing.

P. Buynan:

BTW, Since "global warming" is going to kill us all, Lee, are you willing to condemn all the democrat senators who each used a private jet to fly from the same town to the same town? Why couldn't they at the VERY LEAST jet-pool?

sean nyc/aa:

P. Bunyan:

You're right, you don't just end wars, you have to win or lose them.

We won the war back in 2003. Let's end the occupation.

P. Bunyan:

So Sean,

Do you think that if we quit before we've ensured a stable democratic Iraq, if we abandon the promise we made to the people of Iraq, that the Islamofascists (including Ahmadinejad and Bin Ladin) will not cosider it a victory and will not be emboldened, encouraged, and made much, much more powerful by it?

We did win the first phase of this battle in '03. That part of the mission was accomplished very successfully. The phase were in right now is much more difficult. What we've tried up to this point hasn't worked well, but in the last few months we've changed strategy to something that just might.

If America is successful in Iraq that is the worst possible thing that could happen politically to the democrats. And that unseen elephant in the room at last night's debate is a crying shame.

civil behavior:


Since when does the "promise" we made to the people of Iraq mean more than the "promises" we've made to the American people mean more?

I would have thought you would be "America first".

Besides we've achieved all the benchmarks that had been outlined in setting up Iraq. Saddam is gone. elections have been held and a government is in place. It's now up to the Iraqi's as to who is going to run their country not us.

If we have to suffer Bush certainly they can work out their differences the best way they know how. Our job is over.

P. Bunyan:

Wow, civil that 3rd paragraph was the most civil post I think I've ever read from you. I do disagree with it (for the reasons I listed in the post above yours), but I don't think it's an unreasonable argument, just wrong, myopic, and very dangerous.

I don't understand what you were talking about in the first paragraph though...

As far as "suffering Bush" I guess you feel about him the way I feel about Reid, Pelosi, Durban, Murtha, Clinton, Obama, et. al.


This is kinda off topic of the post, because I didn't catch that part of the debate, but isn't Dennis Kucinich a nutjob? This is coming from a true blue Democrat here.

P. Bunyan:

Ryan, on that I can agree with you 100%. I didn't watch last nights debate, but everytime I've heard Kucinich speak in the past, I can't help but think the guy has one oar out of the water.

Some debate. A couple of nutjobs and a bunch of mid level talent at best.

Good luck with that bunch.


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