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Wanted: A Strongman for Iraq

Telegraph (UK) commentary:

Long before we invaded Iraq to remove Saddam Hussein from power, anyone with the most rudimentary knowledge of Iraqi history understood that, to prevent the country's disintegration as a political entity, a powerful leader was needed to keep the ethnically and religiously divided populace at bay.

Saddam's brutal dictatorship was merely the latest in a long and undistinguished line of autocracies to have imposed their will on this nation of sullen malcontents, starting with the Hashemite monarchy, which relied heavily on Britain to sustain its rule, and the succession of military dictators that established the template of brutal political repression that Saddam was only too happy to imitate.

Had Saddam not developed a penchant for invading his neighbours and threatening vital oil supplies, it is likely the West would have continued to tolerate his domestic barbarity.

One of the excuses for the war that Bush and his minions used to use was that at least we got rid of Saddam. It sort of made sense at the time, though it was clearly just an excuse, but as the bloodshed and chaos continue year after year, you really have to ask whether it was worth it to get rid of Saddam both from the perspective of the average Iraqi, and in a broader political sense.

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Comments (2)

P. Bunyan:

"from the perspective of the average Iraqi"

Yep, I'm sure the average Iraqi preferred things before the invasion when 60,000+ of them were dying of starvation every year and another 20,000+ were being raped, tortured, gasses, and murdered and burried in mass graves. I know I'd prefer to live in a country where 80,000+ were killed ever year rather then approx 50,0000 that have been killed over the last 4 years. Yup that makes sense!

/leftist mindset off


Bunyan, if you're going to be the main dissenting voice around here, as it appears so far, make a point and then back it up instead of firing off a snarky comment. I want to know where you are getting these figures. I don't know how many Iraqis died under Saddam, but I know a hell of a lot more than 50,000 have died in this war. Iraqbodycount.org has somewhere between 65,000-70,000, but what's 20,000 more lives when you're spreading democracy at the barrel of a gun amongst 3 sects that can't live together under democracy. The borders of Iraq were drawn up by British colonizers at least a century ago. I like what Joe Biden is saying about letting each of the three groups have their own autonomous nation. What the hell is wrong with that?


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