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Probability = 0.0000001%

What are the chances President Bush will listen to the American People and not veto the Iraq funding bill sent to him on the 4th anniversary of his proclamation "Mission Accomplished!"

The likelihood of that occurring is about the same as the probability of the events in these television commercials produced by Bangkok Insurance.

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Nice video... asinine proposition by original poster.

The constitutional role of the President of the United States does not include being a doormat for any lame-brained political-pandering by an opposition party in Congress.

As for what the "people want", you do realize that the vote in Congress would have been neutralized by a mere 5 members, and reversed by 6, out of a body totalling 435. Wow, what a majority....

Lee, you've still not come to terms with the idiocy (from a military strategy/implemenation viewpoint) of the Democrats hard-pegging a date.

Even more importantly, you've not come to terms with how empty your (and most of the rabid left's) polemics really are... and why good governance is not based on the grotesquely exaggerated claimes but on very long, drawn out processes that take considerably more time than 30 second sound bites.

Hysterical videos Lee!

As for SoSo, why don't you review the election results before making such foolish claims? I'll display them here for your benefit and other like-minded delusional right-wingers who believe the Republicans were just barely "edged out" in 2006.

Dem 28 56%
Rep 22 44%

State Legislatures Controlled
Dem 56 57%
Rep 40 41%

State Legislature Seats
Dem 3964 54.5%
Rep 3307 45.5%

US House Seats
Dem 230 54%
Rep 196 46%

Senate Total Votes
Dem 32.8mil 55%
Rep 25.4mil 42%

Contested US Senate Seats
Dem 24 72%
Rep 9 28%

Notice a pattern SoSo? About 55-45. Reagan beat Carter by that much and everyone called it a landslide. The 2006 was a major sea change in US politics and the message to the politicians was to get the heck out of Iraq.

America has grown tired of the Republican incompetency in Washington, so-so, and we're halfway through the process of getting rid of those clowns - last stop is the White House.

"... but on very long, drawn out processes"

I see - processes like mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake. Buy a clue, so-so, America has grown tired of watching George flail about making mistake after mistake after mistake after mistake.

btw - how's that "Mission Accomplished' bumper sticker of yours holding up? Must be getting a bit ragged by now. Four years after the war was won, George still can't find the exit.

With yet another upcoming anniverary of Bush's flight-suited visit to the U.S. Navy ship to deliver his infamous "Mission Accomplished" speech it is worthy to note that some enterprising Chinese toymaker attempted to market a George Bush in flight suit action figure doll very similiar to the 12 inch GI JOE dolls from Hasbro.

But when the combat in Iraq only worsened and the insurgency drug out, the action figures became a quick flop and were never really marketed very well and never made it to most stores like the GI JOE action figure dolls did. Now these George Bush "Action Figure" dolls are a laughable collectors item.

And considering his questionable service in the National Guard where Bush refused a drug test to avoid possible detection of alcohol or cocaine, and was grounded from flying. And was ordered by a judge to serve community service time by some reports in Houston's Martin Luther King House after an arrest for cocaine possession, requiring him to take more time away from his National Guard service, Bush was hardly any role model for a George Bush "action figure" doll, but then again other rotten toy ideas have come from China before, but this George Bush figure was probably one of the very worst ideas ever.

Rob LA Ca.:

Democrats don't speak for Americans , They speak for themselves.

Americans have grown tired of DEMOCRATS telling lie after lie after lie after lie. Which is nothing more than Clintonizing President Bush and the Republicans to make themselves feel better for having supported the douche bag. Americans are sick and tired of you traitorous democrats period.

Rob LA Ca.:

Let's not mention the disgrace of having another Country name a Condom after you, like the Clinton. Most corrupt lying POS in History unsurpassed. Of course a democrat.


I may be the only "liberal" who want Bush to veto the spending bill. I think it gives Bush too much.

Here's what I favor:

No more spending bills.

No money, no war.

Bush can use the money he has left to bring the troops home.

If the Democrats want to end the war, they can. We don't need Bush's stinking signature.


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