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Search Engine Shenanigans: April 28, 2007

(corrected 4/29/07)

Welcome to Wizbang Blue's exciting new WebFeature -- Search Engine Shenanigans! (click here to play trumpet fanfare)

Join us as we perform various searches on Google Yahoo! and then see which of the thousand upon thousands of sponsored adwords appears at the top of the results page for the search we've requested as the highest placed, most relevant ad.

Ready? Great, let's begin!

For today's fun let's start with a Google Yahoo! web search using the words right and wing.

Here's the resulting number one sponsored advertisement on the Google Yahoo! search results page which is associated with a search on Google using the terms right and wing.


Sweet! Cool gifts, coffee mugs, etc.

Now let's use those same two terms, but add a third word - nutjob.

Here's the resulting number one sponsored advertisement on Google Yahoo!which is associated with a search on Google Yahoo! using the keywords right wing nutjob.


Yeah! Congratulations to our winner I'm sure there was a lot of competition for that number one spot, but today's winner certainly deserves the checkered flag for being the number one right wing nutjob!

This concludes today's edition of Search Engine Shenanigans. Tune in next time, and don't forget to play the closing fanfare!

CORRECTION (4/29/07): In the post above I referenced the search as a Google Search when I should have said Yahoo! search. I've included links to both search results in the comment section below - Lee

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (5)

U.P. Man:

Tried it....no results on the sponsor list.

Whose the nutjob?

Who is the nutjob? Apparently me, for saying it was a Google search when I should have said Yahoo search.

Just checked the Yahoo! Search of right and wing - today an advertisement for an upcoming conference is featured.

But the Yahoo! Search of right and wing and nutjob - Yep -- our boy McCain is still at the top of the list.

Thanks for the fact-check U.P. Man.

U.P. Man:

So why did you lie in the first instance?

Why are you now backtracking on your first statement?

How can we believe anything you ever say again as you have just proven yourself a liar or incompetent?

Are you saying you went with the best information you had at the time?

No, I'm saying I mistakenly called the search "Google" instead of "Yahoo" when I wrote the post.

Judging from the red foam around your mouth I'd guess that you're a right wing nutjob who is somewhere further down the list from McCain, but trying real hard to work your way up -- is that correct?

U.P. Man:

Nope just pointing out that you are a hypocrite.


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