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Hart Slaps Giuliani

Gary Hart dunks Mr. Rudy "Look at me I'm the Mayor of the city that was attacked on 9/11 and therefore I'm tough on Terrorism" Giuliani with the following query, published earlier today on The Huffington Post.

Dear Mayor Giuliani:

Since you have based your presidential campaign almost exclusively on your reaction to terrorist attacks on New York City, and since you have recently accused Democrats of being on the defense against terrorism and therefore guilty of inviting more casualties, I have one question for you: Where were you on terrorism between January 31, 2001, and September 11th?

The first date was when the U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century issued its final report warning, as did its previous reports, of the danger of terrorist attacks on America. The George W. Bush administration did nothing about these warnings and we lost 3,000 American lives. What did you do during those critical eight months? Where were you? Were you on the defensive, or were you even paying attention?

Rudy wasn't prepared for the well-predicted attack, and his current suggestion that the fact that he cleaned up the mess makes him somehow qualified to fight terrorism now. What a joke...

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Comments (3)


You forgot to include the final line of that post.....

"Gary Hart
(co-chair, U.S. Commission on National Security/21st Century)"

Also, Mr. Hart did not include a link so someone could look up the 'details' of his warnings.


First of all, you and other readers of this post have to realize our country is in a world of hurt.Bush has, and everyone must admit, has a large set of brass balls. He has realized there are people, world wide that want to kill Americans. Nobody with any sense can deny that. However, Bush does not know how to fight a war. He and his bunch has fired anyone (including Generals) that tried to tell him how it is done.

Bush is a friggin loser. That is a proven fact. The whole war on terror is not being fought correctly. Good old Rudy has no clue neither, nor do most of the Demo's or Repugs running for the White House. This is the same as the Nam was. The frigging politicals just know better than the people that have trained for war.

Rules of engagement, should be real simple, get fired upon from a house, mosque, etc, destroy it. See a woman or kid with a weapon, kill them. Sounds real cruel,but better them than one US GI.

But you have to remember the Republican Party, you know the one with family values. Not only the AG scandle, but now hookergate. One man (Repug) resigned saying "never had sex, just a massage, hell Clinton only had a blowjob, now different.

Just wait until all the names come out on hookergate. Both repugs and demos involved, they will all claim "no sex". The repug that resigned said calling the women was like ordering pizza. That has to make Lori and Jo and the other women happy to know they are like a slice of pizza, right?


Gary's straw man is obvious in the first line. Everything that follows is without foundation. Please tell me you guys will come up with better than this in the future.

His "slap" is like that of a 4 year old. Weak and without realization of its self serving yet wrong nature.


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