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In this Corner: the American People

Speaking at a Camp David press conference Friday, President Bush lashed out at his critics -- suggesting that Congressional efforts to carry the November 2006 election's voter mandate to get out of Iraq would be fruitless:

"If the Congress wants to test my will as to whether or not I'll accept the timetable for withdrawal, I won't accept one,' he told a news conference at his retreat in Camp David, Maryland, Friday.

'So if they want to try again that which I have said was unacceptable, then of course I'll veto it,' Bush said.

Congress isn't interested in "testing your will", Mr. President, but apparently you feel compelled to test the will of the American People -- by ignoring the increasing demands of voters for our withdrawal from Iraq. The latest NBC-Wall Street Journal poll shows a solid 56 percent of Americans agreeing with the Democrats who are setting a deadline for withdrawal, with only 37 percent siding with the president's stance against a timetable.

Your critics, Mr. President, are the majority of the American People.

In "testing the will" of the majority of Americans Bush is no doubt sealing the fate of the GOP in the 2008 Presidential election, because that will be the next opportunity the voters have to express their displeasure over the actions of the Republicans in the White House.

A smart Republican candidate would start distancing themselves from President Bush, and do it sooner rather than later... but then, has anyone noticed a smart Republican among the current crop of candidates? I haven't...

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Comments (5)

I can't explain his repeating it either -- it's as if he is trying to convince himself it's a good idea.

Or perhaps he's hoping someone will intervene and stop him from exercising the veto - like a suicidal jumper poised on the window ledge who keeps saying "I'm going to jump! I'm going to jump!."

Paul Hamilton:

I suspect most Pubs will run away from Bush in the next election. The war is completely radioactive politically -- we cannot just get out without a bloodbath and we can't stay there without the inevitable comparisons to Vietnam. The Democrats cannot win against Bush about Iraq, and while that might be good for his ego in the short term, if we are still bleeding over there next year with no hope of victory, then it will benefit the Democrats -- and the non-NeoCon Pubs -- in '08. But as a practical matter, as long as Bush is in office, I don't see any meaningful change in direction in Iraq.


Funny enough, I too wonder what he is doing. Is GWB testing the waters of signing it or trying to publicly convince himself?

If he does not veto the bill it would be a most incredibly stupid political action, worse than instigating that whole illegal immigration and amnesty debate fiasco for his party.

As Paul implies, nothing will change for now, but '08 tactics and results will be heavily influenced by what is happening on the ground in Iraq this time next year. Between now and then will be much positioning and repositioning, political musical chairs to the sounds of war and domestic chaos.

Paul Hamilton:

Horse: Yep, and I'd venture that by hitching his candidacy to Bush's policy in Iraq, McCain will be the one to suffer for it the most. As time passes, fewer and fewer people will continue to support the war. Already it's in the mid-30s (compared to the upper 50s who support the Dem-passed measure for a timetable for withdrawal) and it will likely be in the teens if nothing changes by next year.

civil behavior:

How do we stop this insanity?

The American public has said no more.

What will it take to stop this man?

Does anyone besides me realize how serious that as each day passes we are dropping further into the abyss?

These guys are shredding this country. Isn't anyone going to stop them?


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