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McCain Offers to Extend Tokenism if Elected

The conservatives' number one right wing nutjob Senator John McCain is reaching out to Democrats with a promise to appoint a Democrat to a high-level cabinet post if elected.

"There are very highly qualified Democrats on a number of issues," McCain said. "The more efforts you can make towards bipartisanship, I think in Washington today, the better off you are. But it also better be, one, an important post and, two, a person who has the ear of the president."

Bush did the same thing, appointing Democrat Senator Norman Mineta to the post of Secretary of Transportation in 2001. Conservatives immediately began a campaign against Mineta which didn't let up throughout the five years Mineta served in that post, with heavy poo thrown Mineta's way over his reluctance to incorporate racial profiling into security screening at airports, as exemplified in this piece by Rich Lowry at National Review Online.

To be fair, other Bush cabinet secretaries at least pretend to be equally obtuse on the question. According to [Secretary of Energy] Spence Abraham, eschewing profiling is what the country is all about: "Ethnic stereotyping has no place in a nation that cherishes its freedom," he says. (Abraham apparently also thinks that there is no such thing as an unhypenated American: "Each of us is an Arab-American or a Japanese-American, Irish-American," etc., etc.)

But it is Mineta who takes the anti-profiling position all the way to its most absurd conclusion. "Surrendering to actions of hate and discrimination," he maintains, "makes us no different than the despicable terrorists who rained such hatred on our people."

Refusing to allow terrorists to reduce us their level -- how absolutely un-American of Mineta - and I guess Lowry just doesn't get it that the only Americans who aren't hyphenated are the American Indians? You know, Mr. Lowry -- like the guy outside the cigar store?

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You're not going to find many McCain protectors here, so keep firing away at him


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