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Israeli PM Criticized for "Hasty, Ambitious" War

BBC story:

Israeli Prime Minister Ehud Olmert has been criticised for taking Israel to war in Lebanon last year "hastily" and without a comprehensive plan.

A government inquiry panel found him and other leaders guilty of "very serious failings" in handling the war.

About 1,200 Lebanese and 160 Israelis were killed after Israel launched operations against Hezbollah militants who had captured two Israeli soldiers.

Mr Olmert said in a TV address he had no intention of resigning.

Can you imagine a political body which has the nerve to criticize their leader for jumping unprepared into a war on false pretenses?

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Can you imagine a political body which has the nerve to criticize their leader for jumping unprepared into a war on false pretenses?

...aside from the fact that Israel went into Lebanon over very NOT-false reasons?

Kidnapped soldiers, continual rocket attacks, broken cease-fires... ring a bell?

Sounds really familiar. Much like a political party criticizing their President for going into a war after getting the approval of that party. "You shouldn't have gone in, even though, after hearing the same information you used, from the same agencies, we voted overwhelmingly to do it! We're going to pretend you said a lot of stuff you didn't say, and completely forget all of the stuff we were saying at the same time!"

Paul Hamilton:

Last week there was a story someplace -- naturally I can't remember where it was now -- which stated that the IDF acknowledged that getting those troops back was not a practical goal. I see it more as an excuse for something they've wanted to do for a long time.

Would you agree that bombing cities is not an appropriate response to a kidnapping case?

Steve Crickmore:

What do you expect? According to Seymour Hersch in the New Yorker magazine, the Bush administration was intimately involved with Israel's plans to attack Hezbollah even before Hezbollah kidnapped two Israeli soldiers. Olmert incredibly must be even more unpopular than Bush. CNN repeatably said today, that Olmert was sitting at 2% in the Israeli opinion polls (margin of error/ plus or minus 3%; I'm betting minus.)


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