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Jive-talking with Hillary and Barack

World Net Daily commentary:

Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama apparently have more in common than I thought. Both seem to feel the need to sound like they came from the South. So recently they have been employing a southern accent and in many cases talk like they are black. Don Imus talked like he was black and it got him fired. They are applying for a job. I'm confused.

Hillary showed up in Selma, Alabama and started talking like an old black preacher. She did a terrible job. It's hard for a girl of privilege from the suburbs of Chicago to impersonate a southern black preacher. Hillary had one missing element to pull it off ... soul.

I agree that Hillary turns the cornpone accent on and off according to whether she believes it would serve her interests. I haven't noticed that with Obama, however. But I hope the Republicans aren't kidding themselves about Bush doing the same thing. Seems like there's a magical transformation in him at the moment he crosses the Mason-Dixon line and he goes from a native son of Connecticut to good ol' boy in the blink of an eye.

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Comments (3)

"I agree that Hillary turns the cornpone accent on and off according to whether she believes it would serve her interests."

I disagree. Clinton lived in Arkansas for what -- 15 years or more? I grew up in Texas, and to this day (many, many, MANY Years later), I still find myself falling into a Texas drawl when I get tired.


I call bullshit. Hillary does whatever she needs to get power. She pulls that twang out of her ass whenever she speaks in the South, just like Obama pulls the urban dialect out of his ass when he's in Harlem.

Fake bullshitters, the lot of them.

Well, I'm not going to argue about southern bullshitters with a guy named BillyBob... there's no way to win that argument.


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