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McCain Slaps Romney; Romney Slaps Strawman

Ahhh those loveable Republican losers. I guess the stress of desparately trying to gain name recognition is starting to show. What an interesting chance we now have, where we can observe how these stalwarts of stupidity stand up under stress.

In today's episode of the new Republican game show "Let's Hide the Truth" we have McCain lashing out at Romney over Romney's remarks earlier this week regarding the importance of catching Osama bin-Laden, when Romney said -- "it's not worth moving heaven and earth spending billions of dollars just trying to catch one person."

McCain's reply:

"[I]t takes a degree of naivete to think he's [bin Laden] not an element in the struggle against radical Islam," McCain said.

A McCain aide indicated that the attack came because the question was raised and that it was "about a very serious issue."

Responding to the gibe, Romney spokesman Kevin Madden said his candidate "believes it's important that we continue to hunt down and capture or kill bin Laden," but reiterated the campaign's message about the broader war on terror.

Fine, is there anyone in the United States who doesn't think it's important for us to hunt down Osama bin-Laden (besides this guy?) Maybe Bush will get the hint and put catching bin-Laden back on his To-Do list (hopefully somewhere higher than "Drag out the Iraq Debacle until After the 2008 elections) but in a particularly telling bit of obfuscation Romney's spokesman Madden continues: (emphasis mine)

"If other candidates believe that only one person should be our sole focus, instead of recognizing the larger threat of regional and global terrorist networks built by al-Qaeda and others and destroying them, then I think it has much less to do with naivete and instead is merely a disagreement," Madden said. "We would disagree with a candidate who thinks our military and [intelligence] efforts in the war on terror should only focus on one terrorist leader."

Did McCain say the war on terror should only focus on one terrorist leader? No.

But rather than communicate the relative importance Romney places on bin-Laden, and leave themselves open to criticism while actually communicating a position to the voters on which we can judge Romney's approach, instead they just fire back with a stellar bit of bullshit. "We would disagree with a candidate who thinks our military and [intelligence] efforts in the war on terror should only focus on one terrorist leader."

McCain didn't say efforts should only focus on one terrorist leader - so who is Romney lashing out at, anyway? Let's look behind door number 2 for that answer.

Nice to see that under pressure Romney ducks the question and lobs up a retort aimed at his own strawman. Wow. Maybe he is presidential material after all....

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