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"Even if the war was a mistake, we must stay."

From Townhall:

In arriving at their decision that America should withdraw its forces from Iraq, the Democratic Party and the Left around the world regularly make reference to what they regard as America's initial error -- invading Iraq.

Perhaps the Left is correct in its contentions that bringing freedom to a Muslim Arab country at this time in history is impossible and that an Iraq under Saddam Hussein would be better for American and world security.

But even if the war was a major blunder and even if everything the Left charges -- including "Bush lied" -- were true, none of these contentions has any bearing on the question of what should be done now.

Every time I think the Bushbots have stretched credulity to the breaking point, they find a way to top themselves. This is probably as close as they will ever come to admitting they blew it back in 2003, but they still think it's just fine for thousands of American families and tens of thousands of Iraqi families to pay in blood for their mistake.

No, Mr. Prager, if the war was wrong, you cannot say that one mistake justifies another. Bush cannot veto the truth that the war is lost because of his monumental incompetence and further American loss of life is pointless. We need to begin TODAY to make arrangements to get our troops out and transfer responsibility to the Baghdad government. They will rise or fall on the will of the people of Iraq, not by our occupation.

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Well, got kind of carried on my previous post. As far as Mr. Prager is concerned that is an interesting sentiment.

I would somewhat concur that we need to stay until Iraq is stable enough to stand or fall based on it's populations desire, not based on the desire of outside actors.

The debate of leaving vs staying is if both sides of the argument could put together comprehensive plans that could be looked at, disected, discussed and a good decision reached.

The Shiites and Sunnis will reach an accord sooner.


If Prager, by "WE" means himself and his immediately family, by all means...they should stay in Iraq. But they'll have to get there first...

Paul Hamilton:

I'm still waiting for anybody to even DEFINE what "victory in Iraq" would mean, let alone offer a viable means of achieving it. In the absence of that, the only rational thing to do is to get out and waste no more lives.


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