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Ray McGovern Claims Cheney had Niger Intel Doctored

Crooks and Liars has more on Ray McGovern's claim that VP Cheney "farmed out" the job of forging the Niger documents. McGovern made the claim on a recent broadcast interview conducted by MSNBC's Tucker Calson:

Tucker:"That memo came from abroad."

McGovern:"Some of it came from abroad, but you know if you trace the memo back and see the characters who are involved, it's my appreciation that the memo leads right back to the doorstep of the Vice President of the United States."

Tucker: "So the Vice President you believe forged, now if the Vice President was behind that forgery, don't you think he would have done a better job?"

McGovern: "I don't think he and Lynn, you know, sat down and did it. I think they farmed it out to a cottage industry of former intelligence agents that did a rather amateurish job."

The years of investigations ahead will hopefully get to the bottom of this, but the fact that these kind of claims are being made shows the degree to which public mistrust of the administration, and Cheney in particular, has accelerated in the recent months.

Personally, I don't believe Cheney would stoop that low, but others might disagree.

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Comments (4)

Paul Hamilton:

A hundred years from now, the Niger memos will be in the same category as the attack on the battleship "Maine."


...and it's really interesting how so much of that distrust comes from a massive number of stories like this: no real proof, no reason to think it happened, just some guy suggesting it might have happened, based on the last dozen stories that never panned out.

Six months from now, when the next "Cheney did something awful" story hits the wires, they'll use this story as "proof," even though nothing ever comes of it.

Look at all of the "Halliburton corruption" stories that people try to pin on Cheney. People use that as some sort of proof of Administration corruption, even though there's nothing really there, and Halliburton just isn't that big of a company.

Now, when someone like Dianne Feinstein gets tied to corruption - directly and in a concrete fashion, to the point of having to resign from an important committee and move to a lesser one - nothing else is ever heard, and six months from now, it'll be forgotten.

A hundred years from now, the Niger memos will be in the same category as the attack on the battleship "Maine."

Not really, though a lot of leftists will still be trying to pretend that fire doesn't melt steel.


"...but the fact that these kind of claims are being made..."

So, as long as 'claims' are being made, this leads to guilt?

The Duke lacrosse players should have been hung without a trial. Horrible 'claims' were made against them.

UFO's are real, since we've long had 'claims' that they exist.

Bill and Hilliary had Vince Foster assassinated since 'claims' were made against them.

All these 'claims' still persist. Maybe we just need to take a look at the source of the 'claims'. Remember, if another terrorist attack happens on our soil, the administration is behind it according to Ray. I'll have to do some googling to see if he believes that the Bush administration was behind the first one.


Lee, given the presence of Michael Ledeen in the smoke from this fire and his Italian connections, it would not be surprising that Ledeen and his handiwork found a willing buyer in Cheney.

All these people have links or ties to the infamous PNAC project and wanted to invade Iraq from sometime back in the 90's.


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