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Shoot Me

If I ever pull a stunt like this -- please, just shoot me.


DJ Drummond, a blogger over at our right-leaning Wizbang Network sister site Wizbang, closed off a comment thread today with the announcement you see above. He's apparently decided that the commenters in that thread don't have anything more to say....

DJ took upon himself, in his post ironically titled The Lost Art of Constructive Debate no less, to edit and delete comments which he felt didn't meet his standards for constructive discourse. It looks like DJ eventually grew tired of editing and deleting comments that just weren't up to his high standards, so he just shut down the discussion all together.

Is it just me, or do you agree that a fair number of conservatives "just don't get it" when it comes to the use of heavy-handed tactics to try to force people to think as they do?

Send the police out to a demonstration and allow them to crack a few protester's skulls and you haven't stopped future protests from happening, instead you've virtually guaranteed that the next protest will be bigger than the last. Ban a commenter from commenting at a blog, and the banned commenter just finds a way around the ban and causes more trouble than they were previously. Tell people to not buy a particular singing group's CDs because you disagree with the group's political viewpoint, and they are handed several Grammys in response.

Whatever. DJ has the software permissions to shut down his post's comment thread like that - as I have those permissions with regards to the posts I write. But if I ever do...please, just shoot me. I see no reason to continue to blog if I reach the point where the only opinions I'm willing to listen to are those that agree with my own...

Note: Wizbang Blue is now closed and our authors have moved on. Paul Hooson can now be found at Wizbang Pop!. Please come see him there!

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Comments (19)

DJ Drummond:

You're more than a bit lacking in context there, Lee.

But a predictable smear attempt, as I'd expect from you.

Feel free to explain the missing context, DJ, I promise to not delete your comments....


Let's look at the followup:

"Trolls Gone Wild..."

Paul Hamilton:

I was going to post something in that thread, but I just assumed that my beliefs -- that people like Lee Atwater and Matt Drudge are primarily responsible -- would not meet the arbitrary standards for what comments were acceptable.


Maybe Drummund is just having a bad day. I don't think this is typical of him. I know it's annoying, Lee, but I'd cut him some slack. If he repeats this regularly, well...that would be something else.

In fact, I think Wizbang is one of the more laudable right wing blogs for giving a forum for opposing views.

Like HERE, for example...

I honestly don't know if it's just you. For my part, I try to stick to facts, work very hard to be polite, and don't use profanity. I lasted about a week on Pandagon before I was banned. Not deleted, not edited. Just banned.

U.P. Man:

More misinformation Lee?

It looked like a group of commentators where in a childish "I know you are but what am I?" dialog and DJ put a temporary time out on them.

Or are miffed that he scolded you for being off topic?


I know, it's like you can't have a childish tantrum on a blog anymore, he acted like he owns a radio station and fired someone for saying "nappy headed hos" or something.
Sheesh, what a grouch.

/sarcasm off

DJ Drummond:

About the context, Lee:

You implied that my deletions were an attempt to control speech, and to punish dissenting views. In fact, as you know very well, you repeatedly posted complaints about Host actions, mine and other hosts, and did so after I clearly stated that I choose not to negotiate or compromise on my decisions regarding civility and behavior. The comments were by definition disruptive, because they had nothing to do with the topic, and continued after several warnings.

The thread I posted today was an attempt to allow each side to present its case free from heckling, personal attacks, or distractions. You should know that deletions included some conservatives as well. It's not about trying to shut anyone down, but to shut down attempts to attack people or derail a thread.

As you should also know, every writer has been allowed discretion on their actions. I do not generally delete comments unless they are well out of bounds. And today's thread was clear in its intent, and my warning that the lines would be tight because of the special purpose.

There was a flurry of out-of-bounds behavior just before I imposed the time-out, which lasted for less than 40 minutes before comments were reopened.

You took my actions out of context, and chose not to diclose to your readers here about the background of today's conflict. But it happens that people can figure things out for themselves, and both you and I will be judged by the collective quality of our work. I expect that you, as I do, present your case according to your conscience and intelligence, and more than a few times you will find yourself attacked simply for taking a clear position.

Comes with the job. It's not as if we get paid for this, you know, or that we were forced into it. So the tools we have available to us, is control of our words, and the boundaries we allow. Some places don't mind if folks swear, personally ravage other people, and generally act like the worst sorts of thugs.

I choose not to allow things to get anywhere near that condition.

Thanks for your thoughts, and never forget, there is a reason why there's more than one page to Wizbang!

Jeff Blogworthy:

Is it just me, or do you agree that a fair number of conservatives "just don't get it" when it comes to the use of heavy-handed tactics to try to force people to think as they do?

You mean like using the "Fairness doctrine" to silence right-leaning talk radio or twisting RICO statutes - intended for use against organized crime - into tools to prosecute abortion protesters?

DJ: You left out the fact that you deleted numerous liberal comments from a different posts of yours on April 27 - a post titled (get ready for this constructive debate title): Stupidity As A Way of Life: Why The Democrats Will Lose In 2008.

I made one or two comments on that thread that were deleted by you, and i noticed that comments by Barney, bryanD and mantis were also deleted. I now that my comment was not out of line in any way, and from what I recall of the others they weren't either.

Here's one of my comments that you left intact.

The Democrats losing the 2008 election is just wishful thinking, and the fantasy reasons you've concocted, DJ, nothing more than flights of fancy.

For example:

[DJ wrote]: "Yet even so, it is remarkably thick-headed to establish the base issue of your campaign against the one person you know will not be an opponent. The utter hysteria of Bush-Hate which pervades every major campaign among Democrats, will prove in the end to be a waste of attention and noise, and drives away more reasonable voters than it gains by appeasing the vicious extremists on the Left."

Utter hysteria? You must be one of those conservatives who cringe every time you're reminded that you voted for a fatheaded liar who will, I repeat will, go down in history as one of the worst presidents this nation has ever seen. To you, and the walking wounded like you, the mere mention of Bush''s incompetency is an "attack", and if it happens more than once in a day it's "utter hysteria."

It's just that you are sensitive to it because it hurts you so much to realize that you elected and re-elected a failure who's actions has cost this nation dearly.

As long as the current Republican candidates support the President's position - and all of them are just plain stupid enough to do that right up to the end, your President is "the gift that keeps on giving" for the Democrats --

-- and he will continue to give us the ability to defeat any Republican candidate for President in 2008 just as he gave us the ability to sweep out the House and Senate in 2006.

Spin your attack fantasies all you want - just as Bush and Cheney are doing every day now -- but wishing that the facts weren't against you isn't going to make it so.

The comment you deleted was equally civil (especially in light of your "provocative" post title) -- but let's look at how you responded in turn.

So Lee, I - what - voted 62 million times, in all 50 states?


Posted by: DJ Drummond at April 27, 2007 04:36 PM


... and Lee, thanks for proving that all you can do is think about Bush. Even when he's not running, the election is STILl - for you - all about Bush!


Posted by: DJ Drummond at April 27, 2007 04:37 PM

Real mature there, pal - but in keeping with the kind of person who would in turn delete a civil post that called his judgement that Democrats were stupid to question.

So what gives, DJ - this isn't about civility or a desire for constructive debate -- why are you suddenly deleting liberal comments from your post?

DJ said: "You took my actions out of context, and chose not to diclose to your readers here about the background of today's conflict."

No, DJ, I gave you the opportunity to explain the context, and you didn't mention one singe word about the deletions from your April 27th post - deletions that had nothing to do with a trumped up, obviously phony desire for "constructive debate".



Has anyone ever told you a cursory spell check of your postings would enhance your creditabilty?

Can't help you on your petulance issues.

Paul Hamilton:

"Creditability?" Hokey-dokey...

ryan the filthy centrist:

Ha, this is funny. I thought it was pretty pathetic for DJ to close the comments section. Pretty weak on his part, if you ask me.

He took issue with my use of the word "bullshit" to describe the political rhetoric of both sides of the political spectrum. Here is the incriminating passage that so disturbed Mr D:

Of course serious and respectful debate can occur here, as long as we find ways of discouraging the bullshit that is spewed FROM BOTH SIDES. This isn't just a problem that stems from liberal rhetoric, and anyone who is paying attention to public debate here in the USA knows it.

I hope that one day I can atone for my atrocious linguistic sins.

DJ wrote above:

There was a flurry of out-of-bounds behavior just before I imposed the time-out, which lasted for less than 40 minutes before comments were reopened.

Right. I was questioning DJ as to why he felt the need to get on my case over that ONE word, and he got irritated. I was actually pretty surprised that he decided to close the comments section, and that he couldn't engage in any discussion with me beyond attemtpting to berate me for upsetting his delicate sense of linguistic propriety.

It's funny, or sad, that out of everything I wrote on there he CHOSE to focus on, and reply to, one word that he didn't like. Way to see the big picture, Drummond.

The funniest part was when other commenters started chiming in on the matter...that was when Drummond had to cut and run, so to speak.

Overall, it was really no big deal. But I wasn't exactly impressed.

DJ Drummond:

Again, Ryan/Lee/etc., Context matters.

Not that you have paid attention to it ...

"Again, Ryan/Lee/etc., Context matters."

and again, DJ - you have the freedom to explain the missing or incorrect context, and you don't - You throw spitballs instead, probably frustrated that you can't just delete Ryan's and my comments.

You say context matters, but apparently it doesn't matter to you...?

DJ Drummond:

Uhhh Lee, ignoring my long response from last night does not mean it didn't happen.

No, but you ignoring my reply to your long response from last night, and just coming back here and throwing spitballs instead, is the reason I posted my last comment questioning the fact that you weren't addressing matters.

If you don't want to discuss it further, fine. If you do want to discuss it further, feel free to reply to my response.

"Not that you have paid attention to it ..."

See, DJ, I did pay attention to it and responded -- and this is a perfect example of a situation where if you were moderating this thread you would have deleted a comment that shouldn't have been deleted.... because you overlooked something or jumped to incorrect conclusions.


DJ and Lee,

Where is the paypal account for the two of you to get a motel room and hash this lovers spat out in private. Or at least by email...

But as a blog topic this is as silly as Marcotte's SexBlogging to strike back at the male patriarchy or Powerline's "getting" to Dick Durbin.


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