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Threat of al Qaeda Wildly Exaggerated

Consortium News commentary:

This rhetoric makes it seem as if al-Qaeda is more dangerous than Adolf Hitler or Joseph Stalin. When comparisons are made to these villainous titans, we should be suspicious.

The same kinds of comparisons have been used before. When Bill Clinton wanted to bomb Slobodan Milosevic in Serbia and Saddam Hussein in Iraq, he compared both leaders to Hitler. In the lead up to the invasion of Iraq, President George W. Bush also used the same comparison.

Yet, the small countries of Serbia and Iraq, as well as the rag-tag group al-Qaeda, have nowhere near the resources of a Nazi Germany and have not tried to completely overrun an important and wealthy continent.

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"...the small countries of Serbia and Iraq, as well as the rag-tag group al-Qaeda, have nowhere near the resources of a Nazi Germany and have not tried to completely overrun an important and wealthy continent"

So I guess Saddam's excursion into Kuwait was just a science expedition? And Hezbollah is not REALLY funded by Iran that has untold wealth from oil?

Although I agree that as an ORGANIZED group they pose no IMMINENT threat, however ... it is surprising to see how far the left has come in 5 1/2 short years to demanding why we didn't know of the 9-11 plot TO al Qaeda is not really a threat. Isn't the tlaking point supposed to be we took our eye off bin Laden??

Good strategy - blame us for people who have vowed to kill us EVEN IF we change our foreign policy. Let's just bury our heads in the sand and HOPE another 9-11 doesn't occur.


Gee, you think that maybe the comparisons to Hitler might have been because the leaders of Serbia and Iraq engaged in an active campaign of GENOCIDE versus minorities in their countries?


Comparing Al Quaeda to Hitler/Stalin is an apples and oranges kind of thing. H/S were heads of large countries with a large capability of waging war and a population that backed them up to one extent or another. Don't forget, Stalin was ostensibly our ally in WWII longer then he was our Enemy.

Al Queda is a fundamentalist Islamic terror group wrapped around religious extremism. They do not have the resources/power of a major government, not even a medium government like Iran. Their simple aim is to reshape modern Islam to their liking, their longer goal to finish "converting" the world.

WWII era Germany and USSR had a significant power projection capability and was quite capable of seizing and holding territory, were motivated more for seizing territory and natural resources than by ideology. Ideology (fascism and communism) provided a convenient governmental structure and motivator. The masses still had to be motivated with fear and pleas to suppor the father/motherland.

Due to our presence in Iraq and Afghanistan, Al Quaeda doesn't have force projection capability past the middle east, and even there can't amass enough trained troops, or material to challenge even a small week military like Kuwaits or Saudi-Arabias. It's post-9/11 accomplishments in the west were the resultes of fellow travelers claiming affiliation after the fact.

Al Quaeda is very dangerous if you are a western journalist, celebrity, diplomat or defenseless woman or child in the market. It is less dangerous if you are ensconced behind a computer reading a blog in a western country. Nevertheless, Al Quaeda and/or it's affiliates will attack when and where they can. The price of freedom is eternal vigilance (not paranoia).

Paul Hamilton:

Great reply Matt. There is nothing more for me to say.


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