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Family Research Council Takes Swipe at Blacks

AmericaBlog story:

Hmmm... not sure that saying that labeling civil rights law protecting African-Americans as "special rights" that leave out millions of Americans like you and me (their words) is the wisest argument the religious right Republicans should be making in opposition to the hate crimes bill. Check it out for yourself, from a Family Research Council email alert sent out today:

I just love it when these guys accidentally tell the truth...

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Comments (3)

U.P, Man:

Why don't you to link the E-mail versus a posting from another sites hit piece that also did not link to the e-mail.

Surely, it is available.

Also, you quoted the "Americablog" statement and gave the impression it is/was the FRC statement.

Paul Hamilton:

It says "AmericaBlog" right at the top. I don't know how I can be more clear than that.

U.P. Man:

But where is the link to the E-mail?

I would hope with the title you used, you would quote the people in the title instead of another blog.


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