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Fox: Criteria Set for Republican Debate

This just in...

COLUMBIA, S.C. -- Fox News will have a say in deciding which Republican presidential candidates participate in next month's debate in South Carolina.

State Party chairman Katon Dawson and a spokesman for the news channel said Thursday that they had agreed on a criteria, including polling numbers, for choosing which of the 10 GOP candidates will take part in the May 15 debate.

''We understand there's not room for everybody on a nationwide political stage for a Republican debate,'' Dawson said.

Odd, there was room for eight candidates on the Democratic Debate stage last week? I guess the Republicans can't afford an adult-sized stage -- where are they going? To the Disney Channel?

Oh - that's right -- the debate in question is being hosted by Fox. I wonder who they will let in?

They [candidates appearing in the Debate] also must have ''garnered at least 1 percent in recent state and national polls leading up to the registration deadline, as determined by Fox News Channel and the South Carolina Republican Party,'' according to Rob Godfrey, the state party's communications director.

In a variety of national and state polls, seven of the 10 candidates hover around 1 percent or less. Only Rudy Giuliani, John McCain and Mitt Romney easily meet the criteria based on polling.

Hmm, well I guess this isn't just an instance of Fox hosting the debate and therefore dictating their own terms, right? After all, MSNBC is hosting the Republican debate this Thursday and they must have imposed the same limits...?

All 10 Republican candidates will be participating in the first Republican debate next Thursday at the Reagan Library in California.


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Comments (5)


So you're completely outraged that Fox will only include seven or so candidates, because they specify that they have to have at least one percent in the polls?

You do realize that, of all of the stupid things to get worked up over, this rates right near the bottom of the list?

If they included everyone who's shown interest, you'd be complaining because, well, they let too many in.

After that snoozefest the Dems just put on, why would anyone be dumb enough to put another horde of nobodies on stage a YEAR before the primaries?



Fox just wants to make sure none of the Republican candidates voices any sort of opinion that differs from King George.

Really Larkin, give me a break.

Not only is that not true, but it seems rather like projecting. After all, when a Democratic candidate might support the war *cough*Lieberman*cough* they are essentially kicked from the party. It's not MSNBC that spearheads this this idiocy though, it KOS.

As far as "disagreeing with King George": useless rhetoric. There has been so much disagreement with George Bush during his presidency from all sides, and I have yet to see anyone's political careers ruined because of it.

cirby: "So you're completely outraged that Fox will only include seven or so candidates, because they specify that they have to have at least one percent in the polls?"

Completely outraged? No. Just remarking.

Paul Hamilton:

Cirby: By defining who is and is not allowed to appear at their debate, Fox is shaping the debate. It's in their interest to keep out the fringe candidates who might say something stupid or project an image of the Pubs that would work against the party's best interests in the upcoming election.

Odd that they didn't make any such restrictions for their proposed Dem debate...

Paul Hamilton:

Larkin: I don't agree with Ron Paul about much, but if you read the RW websites, he speaks for many of those folks. I think it's fully appropriate for him to appear and not allowing him to appear shows that Fox is silencing the most prominent voice of some of their most loyal viewers. You'd think they'd be mad, but I doubt it... :)


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