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Interesting Questions for the Republican Debate

UPDATE: We have a new post on the questions used and the candidates' answers here.

A few days ago I posted a story about tomorrow's upcoming Presidential Debate, mentioning that you could submit questions for the candidates, and vote on them as well. Here are a few of the more popular questions so far:

  • For Rudy Giuliani: Sir, you have been criticized for lapses on September 11th, such as the failure to replace defective radios that might have warned first responders the towers were collapsing. Did any of your actions, on or before that day, reduce the loss of life?
  • For all: Should the President have power to imprison U.S. citizens without charging them with a crime and without providing them a judicial forum in which they can contest the accusations against them, as the Bush administration did to American Jose Padilla?

  • Topic - Iraq: The Daily Telegraph recently wrote an article exposing Iran's military and financial support for the terrorist insurgency in Iraq. At what point does their behavior justify retaliatory action, and what such action will you take?

  • For all: Do you think the process of waterboarding -- where the U.S. takes prisoners, straps them to a chair, and pours water on their face so they are in terror of drowning to death -- is a practice consistent with America's moral credibility in the world?
  • For all: A recent worldwide poll showed that under the Bush presidency, America has become the third most unpopular country in the world -- right behind Iran and just ahead of North Korea. Why do you believe that has that happened?
  • For all: Yes or No. Do you believe in evolution?
  • For all: With the advent of high stakes testing in our public education system, would you be willing to sit and take a two tests (math and history) that students in your respective states are required to take in order to graduate?

If even a few just of these voter-submitted questions get asked it promises to be an interesting exchange.

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U.P. Man:

You forgot,

Have you all stopped beating your wife or mistress yet?

How much clean air do you have stored up for when all the air is gone?

What is the final digit in PIE?

If listening to music is torture is going to my kids first year band concert with other parents mass torture?


Pie is what you eat. Pi is a ratio.


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