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Tenet Taking Heat

PBS's Newshour broadcast Monday included a wrap -up of the recent controversies revealed by George Tenet's new book and Tenet's remarks made in the recent "60 Minutes" interview.

It looks at the remarks made recently by Condeleezza Rice, Tony Snow, David Boren (Former Chairman of Senate Intelligence Committee), and Larry Johnson (Former CIA Analyst and Counterterrorism Official). Tenet in not quoted in response, so it's heavily weighted against him -- but its rather comprehensive, and points out many of the holes in Tenet's statements.

PBS: Former CIA Director Tenet's Memoir Sparks Controversy

Former CIA Director George Tenet's new memoir has drawn criticism from administration officials over his account of events leading up to the Iraq war. A former senator and an ex-CIA officer discuss the assertions in the book.

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Too bad he couldn't remember to point out this stuff in 2003...or 2004...or 2005...or 2006... or even earlier in 2007. Nope. One would think he had a book to sell or something...


(BTW, does anyone else her this stuff and get flashbacks to that scene in the movie "Outbreak" where the VP is talking to the Cabinet saying he wants to hear from dissenting voices not read about it months afterward that they were the "lone voice of reason in the room".)


I still think the funniest thing about Tenet was that he went to high school with (and apprently knew) Ron "the Hedgehog" Jeremy.

which proves... what, cirby?


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