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The "Perfect Photo Op" Goes Boom

Time commentary:

The perfect photo-op has flopped. Engineered by the most image-conscious White House in history, the carrier landing portrayed Bush as master and commander, an ideal bookend to his spontaneous performance with a bullhorn in the rubble of the World Trade Center after 9/11. Instead, the hothouse tableau already sharply at odds with the reality in Iraq did even more damage to White House credibility last week. Asked at a news conference whether the "Mission Accomplished" banner had been prematurely boastful, the president backed away from it, saying it had been put up by the sailors and airmen of the Lincoln to celebrate their homecoming after toppling Saddam's regime.

I remember on my chat board back then, the resident right wingers were practically orgasmic over the Flight Deck Fiasco. "What a MAN! What a LEADER! Somebody get me to a cold shower quick!"

I had to admit that if what Bush was saying was accurate, this was his Reifenstahl moment -- the perfect symbol of the warrior king right down to the stuffed crotch.

But I'd been predicting since before the shooting started that this would devolve to a guerrilla war and I take no pleasure in being right about this.

Such is the risk of doing your end-zone dance on the five-yard line, but given the arrogance of Bush and the whole gang, it wasn't surprising. And like in all the good Greek tragedies, it's come back to bite him.

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Comments (3)

Concerned Student:

What are you all smoking over here at Blue? And where can I get some. The president said exactly what he and everyone else has been saying for years about the stupid banner. It was not his mission accomplished, it was the mission of the sailors and airmen that had been accomplished. If you would shut up and pull your fingers out of your ears you might know this. Military personel get called up for missions, they have timelines and goals. When either one is completed they usually can go home. This is exactly the case. Step back from the bong and use your comprehensive reading skillz.


You might not want to revisit what people were saying on the Internet three or four years ago. You can make some wild claims about "orgasmic" comments by right-wingers, but there were a lot of lefties at the time telling us that we'd lose upwards of a half-million American troops in the first YEAR.

If you claimed that the US would be at the loss levels we're at right now, most Democrats would have laughed at you for being such a brainwashed fool, since they knew all of that "house to house fighting" was just what we weren't going to be good at.

Paul Hamilton:

Student: Nice spin, but the clear context of his statement was the war in Iraq in general, not that of the Lincoln in particular.

Cirby: Since we didn't have half-a-million troops in Iraq, or anywhere near it, I doubt any halfway-legit source would have claimed we'd take that many casualties. If you have something to the contrary, please put up a link so I can laugh at it, too.


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