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Evangelicals Promote "Orphan Care"

MSNBC story:

Prominent evangelical Christians are urging churchgoers to strongly consider adoption or foster care, not just out of kindness or biblical calling but also to answer criticism that their movement, while condemning abortion and same-sex adoption, doesn't do enough for children without parents.

With backing from Focus on the Family and best-selling author Rick Warren, the effort to promote "orphan care" among the nation's estimated 65 million evangelicals could drastically reduce foster care rolls if successful.

This is a rare thing for me to say about the Religious Right, but in this case they are absolutely correct. I've long pointed out that they seem to care more for the unborn than the born, when they usually just whine about "welfare sows" and the like. I hope they follow through on this promise.

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Comments (5)

Paul Hamilton:

And to steal a march from some of my friends on the left who might say that the only reason these folks would want to do such a thing would be to indoctrinate a new generation of believers, I hope that liberals adopt just as many kids as the fundamentalists.


Paul, I do agree with you on this one.

I believe this represented the one stumbling block on my side of the field, that being pro-life. I do believe that abortion is wrong. But not having a plan for what to do with unwanted children does hurt our side of the cause.

I also still hope to have children of my own. But if this doesn't pan out, than fostering/adoption will definitely be the next step. My preference is for a child of blood, but a child of my heart won't be loved any less, should I choose that route.

Paul: "I hope they follow through on this promise.'

Color me skeptical. Lots of promises are made leading into an election, and the criticism the religious right is addressing with this move isn't new -- as is illustrated by your comment "I've long pointed out that they seem to care more for the unborn than the born...". The only thing new is that they are now proposing changing that.

Maybe the right is trying to indoctrinate a new generation of believers, but the new generation of voters are a skeptical group as well, and they tend to judge people by what they do, not what they say they are going to do -- and I suspect most of the rest of the potential converts are old enough to realize that the "compassionate conservative" image that was manufactured a decade ago by the GOP was just more electioneering from the right.

Good timing on this post, Paul -- this move may well be an effort by the right to hold onto their rapidly-vanishing base, as was suggested by the post Larkin made earlier today.

Paul Hamilton:

Storm: There are countless kids in poorly-funded foster care programs who desperately need parents. Special needs kids are the hardest to find homes for, but they are the ones who need stable lives the most. I really hope this becomes a priority for all charitable groups, not just the right.

Lee: I try to remain optimistic. But you can't help but think of stuff like Pat Robertson, who was supposed to be making flights carrying vital supplies into war-torn regions of Africa, but really the planes were flying just about empty into the region and flew out with blood diamonds.

So yeah, talk is easy -- show me the kids.


I understand.

Just don't hold it against me for wanting a child of my own creation, if you know what I mean. I'm honest enough to admit my preference for biology first.


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