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Fired US Attorney Receives Award

It appears that the San Diego County Bar Association doesn't share Alberto Gonzales' dim view of fired US attorney from San Diego Carol Lam:

SAN DIEGO -- Carol Lam, one of eight former U.S. attorneys across the country whose dismissals have ignited a political firestorm and calls for the resignation of Attorney General Alberto Gonzales, has been named outstanding attorney of the year by the San Diego County Bar Association, the organization announced Wednesday afternoon.
In a news release announcing the award for Lam and 10 other awards, the bar association said Lam "has demonstrated the highest level of ethics and professionalism and fought government corruption and corporate misdeeds."

It appears that Carol Lam is such an incompetent idiot that Qualcomm Incorporated has decided to appoint her as a Senior Vice President and Legal Counsel for their Legal Team:

SAN DIEGO -- February 15, 2007 -- QUALCOMM Incorporated (Nasdaq: QCOM), a leading developer and innovator of Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA ) and other advanced wireless technologies, today announced the appointment of former United States Attorney Carol C. Lam to the position of senior vice president and legal counsel. Working with QUALCOMM's existing legal team, she will help manage and direct the Company's litigation worldwide.

But what the heck does Qualcomm know? They are only one of the largest players in the global wireless communications market, had a paltry $8.2 billion in sales over the last year and have a tiny market capitalization of only $75 billion.

We should thank God for US attorneys like Carol Lam. Without her, Republican Congressman Duke Cunningham might still be taking bribes in exchange for defense contracts rather than be locked up behind bars where he belongs. Local rumor in San Diego has it that Cunningham wasn't the only San Diego Congressman taking bribes in exchange for delivering defense business and that he is singing like a jaybird from his prison cell. We can only hope that this investigation gets back on track just in time for the 2008 elections.

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Comments (9)


Off topic warning...

I read that Obama is getting secret service protection. I'm glad, but mortified at what this implies...

Why aren't ALL the candidates getting protection? One nut with a gun, and we'll be having a really bad day. Didn't we learn anything in 1968?

"I read that Obama is getting secret service protection. I'm glad, but mortified at what this implies..."

I read (no link, sorry) that there were threats received by his campaign against Obama in the past that in aggregate suggested that protection was in order, but that this decision was not in reaction any recent, specific threat. Hillary already has protection as former first lady.

Doesn't the Secret Service normally protect each party's nominees -- maybe they're projecting ;)

U.P. Man:

Are you lying again Lee ?

Oh, that's right this would just be a rumor...

Sorry, Lee did not mean to call you a liar again.

Peter F.:

A former top official at the Justice Department testified to Congress in March that Lam was asked to resign because of a problem with her immigration prosecutions and not because her office pursued a political corruption case...

And we repeat...the President reserves the right to hire and fire U.S. attorneys as he (or potentially she) sees fit. If you, like me, have a problem with the hasty and mildly incompetent way in which they were fired, then fine. But make no mistake, they can be fired for any given reason at any time. Award or no award.

She deserves an award for taking down a scumbag like Cunningham, no doubt. But that doesn't necessarily mean she shouldn't have been fired for her incompetence in other areas--for instance, her lackluster pursuit in prosecuting illegal alien smuggling rings.

P. Bunyan:

"incompetent idiot"

Who called her that? I don't think it was so much a matter of competence as a matter of judgement. Can you prove otherwise?

I wonder who would have won the award this year had Lam not been fired.

"But make no mistake, they can be fired for any given reason at any time. "

Fine, we just want to know the reason why they were fired, who gave the order, and why four years of emails were deleted by the White House.

P. Bunyan:

Translation: it's a good old fasioned witch-hunt.


Clinton just followed what Reagan did when he became President. Remember that all new Presidents normally fire all USA's and put new ones in place. That is what both Reagan and Clinton did.

But I am wondering why you didn't mention Reagan, just Clinton. Oh, I know, blame Clinton, it's easier than THINKING, right. SPIN, baby SPIN.


Hoggs, Clinton fired the 93 attornies for the same reason Reagan did. Bush (or whoever!) fired HIS OWN appointees in his never ending quest to transform the Justice Dept into another political wing of the administration, which most would agree is not a good thing. Unless, of course, you're a rabid Bush supporter, blind to his perversion of our government.


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