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Fox Declares McCain the Winner

Dick Morris and Eileen McGann at Fox have declared John McCain the winner in last night's debate.

His answers were strong: he faced the camera squarely, and scored big with his circa-2000 attacks on pork spending and special interests. He was both passionate and articulate. His sole bad moment came with his fumbling answer about why he opposed the Bush tax cuts. But for a candidate who seemed to have lost his way, McCain did very, very well.

It's nice to know who has Rupert Murdock's endorsement...

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Comments (4)

Paul Hamilton:

That's interesting. I guess they figure he's the candidate with the best chance of defeating Rudy... But you'd think they'd support someone like Brownback or Huckabee just out of principle. Or maybe they don't have any principles... :)

Rudy did rather poorly last night (by my measure at least) and there's a poll out yesterday or today that shows Clinton has pulled even with Rudy, where she was lagging behind. Maybe that's an impetus to change horses and run McCain against Hillary for a while.

I seriously think Giuliani is washed up after watching last night's debate, I was appalled that this guy could have ben the front-runner -- and the McCain haters seem to have come out strongly for Romney this morning.

U.P. Man:

Why if you don't agree with somebody are you a hater?

Giuliani and Romney I happen to agree more with.

Governor Tommy Thompson is my preferred candidate that doesn't mean I hate the rest.

Paul Hamilton:

U.P. -- Bill Richardson is my favorite among the Dems and he and Tommy Thompson have a lot in common -- both governors, both former cabinet officials, and from what I've seen so far, both of them seem to have a better grasp on the day-to-day requirements and mechanics of the presidency than their rivals.

But neither of them are exciting -- they don't get the media in a froth, so realistically probably the best that either could hope for would be a VP nod.


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