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September Dawn is Coming to a Theater Near You

And Mitt Romney won't be happy about it.

Check out the trailer on the September Dawn web site.

The movie tells the story of what is known as the "Mountain Meadows Massacre". On September 11, 1857 a group of 140 Arkansans emigrating to California were attacked and slaughtered by Mormon militia and Paiute Indians. Wikipedia has the details:

On Friday, September 11 two Mormon militiamen approached the Baker-Fancher party wagons with a white flag and were soon followed by Indian agent and militia officer John D. Lee.[34] Lee told the battle-weary emigrants he had negotiated a truce with the Paiutes, whereby they could be escorted safely to Cedar City under Mormon protection in exchange for leaving all their livestock and supplies to the Native Americans.[35] Accepting this, they were split into three groups. Seventeen of the youngest children along with a few mothers and the wounded were put into wagons, which were followed by all the women and older children walking in a second group. Bringing up the rear were the adult males of the Fancher party, each walking with an armed Mormon militiaman at his right. Making their way back northeast towards Cedar City, the three groups gradually became strung out and visually separated by shrubs and a shallow hill. After about 2 kilometers the prearranged order, "Do Your Duty!" was given.[36] Each Mormon then turned and killed the man he was guarding. All of the men, women, older children and wounded were massacred by Mormon militia and Paiutes who had hidden nearby. A few who escaped the initial slaughter were quickly chased down and killed.

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Comments (4)

P. Bunyan:

I doubt this would bother Romney. Only a sick person (like you Larkin) would equate actions of members religions from the distant past to the current members.

Pretty much all religions have dark moments in their past.

Hell, you members of the Democratic Party/Church are killing over 1 million unborn humans a year CURENTLY. Not a dark moment from your past, but your church/political party CURRENTLY approves of this most evil atrocity.

You're a hyprocrite and sick person for trying to tie this movie Romney.

P. Bunyan:

...tie this movie to Romney. (I meant)

Make you a bet, L,

Mormons won't be rioting, burning down neighborhoods and beheading the producers, writers, distributors and actors that made this film.

ryan a (the filthy centrist):

This is not exactly surprising for anyone who has read much about our past. American history, like the history of pretty much every human population, has its share of dark moments.

In no way should this be used, however, as some kind of means to lambast the religion of Mormons as a whole. These actions were commited by a select group of people, and they alone bear the blame--NOT THE RELIGION THAT THEY CLAIMED TO FOLLOW.

The same argument applies, by the way, when talking about Islam, Christianity, Buddhism, and even those New Agers.

These kinds of atrocities have most definitely happened, and denying them does us a severe disservice. They ARE a part of our past, and we best deal with them and undertand them. Part of understanding these kinds of things, however, is knowing what they can and cannot be compared to.


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