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A Tribute to the Casualties of War

The New York Times has a moving tribute to the servicemen and women who have died in Iraq.

  • Faces of the Dead: A mosaic of faces, each square representing one service member who died in Iraq. The faces are in chronological order. You can learn about them individual by clicking on their picture, and you can search by name and hometown.
  • 3000 Faces: Interactive graphs and statistics, and information about the casualties -- age, branch of service, type of duty, race, and their location of death.
  • The Stories of Soldiers in a Single Week of Casualties: There were 26 American deaths in Iraq from Jan. 13 to 25. Nine of their stories are told here. Those who served with these fallen soldiers and marines talk about the various chapters of their comrades' careers, from training to their deaths to the final journey home.


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