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Rice Consults Pelosi on Syria

Just a few weeks ago, White House officials were excoriating Nancy Pelosi for having the audacity to travel to Syria. Now, they are consulting with her:

State Department spokesman Sean McCormack said Miss Rice called House Speaker Nancy Pelosi, California Democrat, before leaving Washington earlier in the week to discuss Syria. Mrs. Pelosi paid a visit to Damascus last month, for which she was sharply criticized by the White House.

As I mentioned in a post here recently, Nancy Pelosi's recent trip to Syria may have been a decisive catalyst for promoting the sudden thaw in relations between Washington and Damascus. Her opening just might set off a chain of events that could redraw the geopolitical landscape of the Middle East in a way that significantly enhances our currently tenuous position in the region. Hopefully, she will soon put Teheran on her travel itinerary so we can get the diplomatic ball rolling with that country and put an end to the fruitless policy of confrontation that we have pursued with them.

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You do realize that "discuss Syria" might be more on the lines of "you went to Syria and screwed things up, you stupid cow, now you're not going to get a damned thing passed for the next couple of years."

Paul Hamilton:

Not likely, Cirby. If that was the case, they'd just stonewall her. Seems to me that if they called a meeting, it was to exchange information, and I hope that's the case. The first priority is the resolution of the situation over there and the longer it's tied up in partisanship, the longer we're bleeding for no good purpose.


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