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Hagel to Run as an Independent?

Raw Story is reporting that anti-war Republican Senator from Nebraska Chuck Hagel says he might run as an independent for the presidency in a Bloomberg interview:

MR. HUNT: Is one of your options to run as an independent?

SEN. HAGEL: Well, I don't ever foreclose any options. We'll see how the political world develops. I think we are living at a time here in this country, Al, that is as unpredictably politically as I've ever seen maybe in modern times. I think the political currents are running swiftly, deeply, unpredictably. What that then produces in the way of presidential dynamics and options next year I think is still quite unpredictable.

MR. HUNT: I take it that's a possible.

SEN. HAGEL: It's a possible.

I was really hoping that Hagel would throw his hat into the Republican primary so we could have a real debate on the Iraq War there rather than seeing a bunch of happy-talk Republicans with their heads stuck in the sand like a bunch of clueless ostriches.

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