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Does TV Really Suck?

DJ Drummond posts on Wizbang Classic

It seems that broadcast television in general has become as drab and low-quality as, say, the New York Times. According to AOL, the top shows right now are:

American Idol
Dancing With the Stars
The Sopranos

Let's see now, two of the five have no plots whatsoever, one is available only on cable, and of the other 2, even their fans are saying the shows aren't what they used to be.


Is it just me, or does TV in general suck?

Yes it does. The bunker mentality has set in in the corporate headquarters of the networks and so what we get are endless rehashes of the stuff which has worked before on some other channel. "Jerico" is "Lost" in the heartland. "Dancing with the Stars" is "American Idol." And of course, there are the endless, mindless halfhour sitcoms. "24" has run out of plot, and it seems that "Lost" was in a lot of trouble up until the last couple weeks when they are finally resolving some very old issues. It's a shame that for decent programming, you have to turn to HBO or Showtime. My wife loves "The Tudors" and I was a huge fan of "Carnivale" and "Rome."

But the bottom line is that the networks are going to have to show some imagination and some nerve or the viewers will just keep running away in droves.

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Yes, TV Sucks. There were some beautiful stars outside last night (no, not entertainment tonight) as well as a nice breeze. A few nights before the Full Moon was incredible. There are lots of better things to do than watch TV, or read blogs for that matter. ;o)

Don't forget the many variations of CSI and Law and Order that are truly horrible, and the never ending "ER". Could somebody please drive a stake through that show!!


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