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Face the Facts, Bush Will Not End This War

Rep. Mike Ross (D) from Arkansas, a Blue Dog Democrat, and the only Democrat outside of California to unseat a Republican incumbent in 2000, met with President Bush Tuesday along with 13 other fiscally-conservative Democrats to discuss the war in Iraq. (emphasis mine)

President Bush is unrealistic in the standard he has set before he'll bring American troops home from Iraq, and in the meantime wants a "blank check" for continuing the war, an Arkansas congressman says.


Ross said the group told Bush that while the "American people weren't ready to leave (Iraq) tonight," some form of accountability must be placed on the floundering Iraqi government so U.S. troops can return home.

"His response was he believes we should stay until there was an open, free and democratic Iraq, which I don't believe could ever happen," said Ross, D-Ark., in a phone interview with The Associated Press. "We overthrew Saddam and we provided a police, military and security force while they held open and free elections. We can't spend the next 35 years in Iraq fighting their civil war for them."

The fact that Bush responded to the 2006 mid-term "get out of Iraq" voter mandate with the "surge" plan was seen at the time as an indication that he was finally moving forward with an end-game -- now we know he's not. Bush's "no compromise" position will require that we maintain a large and significant presence in Iraq for decades to come, no matter what level of progress we see this September.

The Bush doctrine is alive and well, and moving forward, without missing a beat. The Pentagon is preparing an additional 35,000 troops to be moved into Iraq this fall - a clear indication that a progress report in September that shows the surge isn't working will not mark the beginning of the end of our presence in Iraq -- but instead mark the end of the beginning of a protracted attempt to modulate and intervene in the Iraqi Civil War, and at that point 35,000 more troops will be committed.

Bush has absolutely no intention of ending this war before leaving office - and it's time we Americans who disagree with his position realize that fact, and begin to act on it accordingly.

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Unfortunately, I believe you are right that Bush has no real intention to end this war. The fact that "End" hasn't even been defined by the administration is evidence of this.

A logical "end" definintion could be getting the Iraqi Army trained and equipped to the point that they can defend themselves from outside invasion. That would mean returning their tanks, artillery, aircraft etc. It would also mean rebuilding their officer corps, and proffessional NCO corps that was disbanded and dispersed after the invasion. With a strong defensive army in place, the quality and stability of the government wouldn't be critical to leaving.

A different end point could be when the oil production and shipment facilities are working and secure. The U.S. could build a security force to focus on the oil production and leave when that is secure.

I beleive the aim for this war was to estabilish a permanent U.S. (maybe U.N.as well) presence in the Middle East. Large mostly permanent bases have been built for those forces. The huge new embassy and Green Zone are indicators of a desire for a long, robust occupation. Whover controls Iraq, controls the Middle East. Iran knows this. Bush I understood this. The U.N. truly knows this. The restrictions and No-Fly zones implaced after the Gulf War was to keep Iraq under control, Saddam was just smart enough to corrupt everyone involved.

Without Congress getting the nerve to push the issue and repeal the AUMF, stop funding etc the U.S. will be there for a long, long time.

Paul Hamilton:

Sounds like we could have accomplished a victory simply by not disbanding the army in the first place...


We would of been about halfway there. Immediately putting the civil servants back to work with a temporary military govenor would of worked much, much better than the horrid CPA.


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