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All 10 Republicans to Debate in South Carolina

In a spectacular display of political perfidy Fox News is now reporting that all ten Republican candidates will be allowed to participate in the upcoming May 15 Republican debate in Columbia, South Carolina.

All the candidates met the established criteria to participate in the debate, said South Carolina Republican Party Communications Director Rob Godfrey. That included filing the appropriate paperwork establishing an exploratory committee, paying the appropriate fees to appear on the South Carolina Republican Party primary ballot and garnering at least 1 percent in state and national polling conducted between April 1-3 by FOX News and Opinion Dynamics.

Interesting... the criteria announced a few weeks ago mentioned the 1 percent hurdle, but recent polls conducted by Fox News show that not all candidates meet that threshold. Ron Paul and Jim Gilmore, both of whom participated in the last debate, fall below the 1 percent line in the most recent poll, conducted April 17-18 (pdf - see question 17a on page 6).

And yes, the cite above does say that they were using the April 1-3 poll as their criteria...

To which I say - What April 1-3 poll?

As you can see from the poll results linked there's no April 1-3 poll listed. In fact I've looked all over the web and haven't been able to locate an April 1-3 Fox News/Opinion Dynamics poll of the Republicans candidates, so what gives?

Note also that the criteria containing the 1 percent hurdle was announced on April 26, 2007 -- but they reached back to an April 1-3 poll -- one that I haven't been locate anywhere -- to justify a flip-flop allowing all 10 candidates to participate? If you want to change the criteria - why not just be honest about it and just announce a change?

I guess this is just another one of those moves by Fox and the Republicans that makes you go "hmmm...."

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Comments (3)


I'd be complaining if they banned a candidate at this early point in the campaign season. There are no established frontrunners yet; just establishment favorites, which added to 1 dollar will buy you a Coke from of the machine.

Plus, the buzz about Ron Paul is pretty loud following his post-"debate" appearance. He "won" according the polls I've seen, except at Drudge which put him third.

It's probably killing Fox, but they don't need any more headaches with perceptions while Rupert's on his Bush twilight buying spree. Whatever the motivation to fit all ten in, fake poll, no poll, or not, it's a good thing.

They may just want to show up MSNBC, mano y mano, format to format, which should be easy to do. Front office wienie war.

"They may just want to show up MSNBC, mano y mano, format to format, which should be easy to do. Front office wienie war."

Word. It's tough following a class act like MSNBC (wink). It just seems silly to set criteria which is then (seemingly) ignored -- for something as important as a presidential debate.


all they have to do is have someone other than Chrissy moderate the debate and they have already shown up MSNBC.

personally, at this point, i'd like to see more of each of the candidates. i haven't really found one yet that i like and that i think will do a good job. i'm really looking forward to seeing if Fred lives up to the hype.

i have issues with rudy, mostly on his poor choices of people to support and recommend. i also don't trust his position on gun control.

mitt is pretty slick and has a fairly decent resume. i'm just not sold that he has a national security policy. i could be wrong, but i haven't really heard one from his camp yet.

mccain is too old, too CFR, and too much a media whore.

tancredo(sp) is a single issue candidate. mind you the issue is important, but he needs to have more policy positions and show, in some way, that he is as dedicated to those as he is to immigration.

ron paul is intriguing, but in the end, i think he is too isolationalist.

the others just don't make my radar.

same on the democratic side. of them all, i'd say bill richardson comes closest. but he's still a bit too nanny state for my tastes.

obama is too in-experienced and too liberal,

clinton just gives me the creeps. as well as the whole nanny state thing

edwards does not strike me as capable of doing the job. plus his populist theme grates my nerves as i have serious philosophical problems with populism.

kunich is well...let's just say that anybody who would eliminate the department of defence and create a department of peace does not have the chops to be a leader of this nation.

and i really don't know much about any of the other candidates.


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