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Bill Richardson's New TV Ads

Bill Richardson's new TV ad. (1:20)

Click on the "play" button in the bottom left-hand corner to play the video.

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Comments (5)

Paul Hamilton:

Here's my response to the ads:

Great ads! I've been for Richardson since long before he even announced because I appreciate the skills and experience he would bring to the presidency. These ads get that message across without being preachy.

P. Bunyan:

Cute ad. Should convince a lot of information-retarded persons.

Of course "nominated for 4 Nobel Peace Prizes" has become a very, very bad sign in recent years and for that sole reason, I'd never vote for him.

"teacher pay", I wonder if there was any improvement in quality of education or the results? Well at least the extortinists, errr I mean union members will dontate more money to the Democrats. The children? No it's all about the teacher.

Paul Hamilton:

Uh oh... I just got an email from the Richardson campaign informing me that he'll be on the Tonight Show Friday and, of course, asking for money. Be informed that if you reply to the vid with your real email, they'll add you to their hit list.

My apologies, Paul -- and anyone else who used the link to send a comment to Richardson's campaign.. the link has been removed from the post.

Paul Hamilton:

You didn't have to pull the link. I just wanted to let people know.

Since Richardson is my personal choice among the Dem candidates, I wouldn't really mind people chipping in against Hillary and Barack who are raking in the dough so fast they don't know what to do with it all.


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