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Romney Needs to Grow Testicles

Mitt Romney needs to grow some balls:

Romney responded to the remark with uncharacteristic anger, firing off a series of heated statements accusing Sharpton of perpetuating the bigotry he so often rails against. Sharpton most recently led the charge to fire radio host Don Imus for racist remarks.

"Al Sharpton made a bigoted comment," Romney spokesman Eric Fehrnstrom said yesterday. "It is not at all consistent with the principles of religious tolerance and religious freedom that we all cherish as Americans."

I saw this story yesterday, before it escalated, and thought to myself "Well, at least Romney isn't making a big deal about this" because there's nothing there. Romney just hadn't been told what to say yet by his handlers, but apparently he's now ready to play the victim -- over nothing. What a wuss.

Sharpton insisted later that he was not questioning the faith of Romney, who is Mormon, but was contrasting himself with Christopher Hitchens, the atheist author he was debating at the time.

Sharpton was talking to an atheist at the time! Why doesn't Romney grow some balls and shrug this off, the way the Obama shruged off and deflected the Limbaugh's "Magic Negro" attack.

Amazing how some candidates rise above the mud, while others choose to wallow around in it as long as it keeps their name in the headlines -- and fine -- that's politics, but the contrast is amazing.

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Comments (8)


Why didn't the Rutgers basketball team grow some balls and shrug off Imus' comments about them?

apparently he's now ready to play the victim -- over nothing. What a wuss.

Yeah, it's nothing, Al Sharpton just said Romney's faith is a sham.

Sharpton said, "As for the one Mormon running for office, those who really believe in God will defeat him anyways, so don't worry about that."

I can see where Sharpton was comparing himself to Hitchens there. Problem is, there's no way for Sharpton to spin this, but it's ok. Romney is a Republican candidate so Sharpton can expect to have your full support for saying it.

You really don't see a difference? Romney is running for President. Shouldn't he at least "act" presidential?

Or is that why you guys are holding out hope for Fred Thompson... the only Republican with a prayer at this point is an actor, a pretender, a faker -- someone who can do a convincing job of pretending to be someone he isn't.

"Yeah, it's nothing, Al Sharpton just said Romney's faith is a sham."

Where? When?

Sharpton has my full support on nothing, but in this instance at least Romney needs to grow a pair and quit crying.


Lee, I do see a difference of course, but in both cases I see someone saying something inappropriate, yet your condemnation is saved when it's against a Republican running for office...and I don't for a second believe that it's because you think he should act more presidential. It's the 'enemy of my enemy is my friend' syndrome...the same syndrome that causes people to accuse the left of supporting terrorists.

I would actually call Romney's retort tame, given who it came from.

Meanwhile you're saying things like:

and then coached the candidate on when to blink and when to point with his hands for emphasis (see Romney's "evangelical" posture and performance as an example of that).

...and then condemning him for not being as composed in dealing with a personal attack on his faith. So which is it...blink and gesture with perfect timing, or show you're emotionally invested in your faith by rebutting the statement?

Where? When?

Why, from your link of course. I didn't make up Sharpton's quote which I conveniently bolded.

Sharpton has my full support on nothing..

Fair enough, Lee. It's not right for me to assume support for lack of condemnation.

P. Bunyan:


You have to give Lee a break. His far leftist mind cannot comprehend how it could possibly be offensive to insult a Christian's religion.

Now if Sharpton had insulted a Muslim or a Homosexual that would be different. The whole left would be non-stop condemnation of that,
but the leftists cannot even recognize what is wrong with insulting a Christian.

And Lee, I don't know about the rest of us guys but I am hoping for Thompson to run because he most exemplifies the values that mean the most to me. Of the current leaders for the nomination, Romney comes in a distant second and that's only because of his (ahem) "evolving" position on genocide.

Hoggy, you crack me up. Not one of the quotes you've listed even mentions Sharpton, now does it? Supporting the women's basketball team smeared by Imus, and calling for Imus' firing, equates to "supporting Sharpton" only in the cranial vacuum of conservative bigots.

To you, the Imus issue wasn't about right or wrong, or what Imus said at all -- to you it was all about not letting Sharpton and Jackson get away with throwing Imus out onto the street -- because you saw their position as being hypocritical vis a vis rap lyrics.

Now you suggest that anyone who was "anti-Imus" is "pro-Sharpton?

Go play in the mud.

I recall a thread where Dahmer and Gacy were discussed, and I recall saying that the statement someone made to the effect that Jefferey Dahmer was worse than John Wayne Gacy was a statement in defense of Gacy - from a debating/argument viewpoint.

If the Yankees make lots of erors and lose a baseball game, and I say in response "Well, the Cardinals are a worse team then the Yankees" - I'm (in an argument/debating sense) defending the Yankees to a degree, right?

In the same sense a statement that "what rappers say is worse than what Imus said" is a statement (in argument/debate terms) in defense of Imus. That's all I said, and that's the context in which I said it. Surely even a porcine worshiper such as yourself can see that.

I never said Gacy wasn't bad, and if you read that and think about what you're saying for a second you'll realize how absolute silly that sounds. I defended a serial killer as being a not bad person?

Hoggy, you're obviously all caught up and confused by the swirl of lies that constitutes the Right Wing BlogoSmear. Walk towards the light.... you're welcome to hang around here a while (but clean up your language -- you've been warned - strike one)

"Isn't as bad" is not the same as "not bad" to those of with more than high school education, Mr Hoggs.

"Someone else said that Dahmer was worse than Gacy, and you said that that meant he was defending Gacy"

True - it does not mean that they're saying **Gacy isn't a bad person**; they are defending Gacy (in a debating sense) as being "less bad" than Dahmer. They're making a relative comparison.

"Thanks for clearing that up lee. So since you say what Imus said is worse than what Sharpton says, than you are defending what Sharpton said. Good to know."

That's correct, In my post I've defended what Sharpton said as being twisted around by the Romney campaign in order to get their pitiful candidate some much-needed press.

It won't matter in the long run, and in my opinion a candidate who plays the victim as Romney has will lose more votes than he gains.

P. Bunyan:

Romney did not twist it. It's pretty dim-whitted to believe Sharpton's explanation.


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