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A Seismic Shift in Iraq

A comment by Atrios on Eschaton:

I suppose someone should point out that as pressure within the administration and the military for things to improve in Iraq, as emphasis shifts from training Iraqis to "pacifying" them and "quelling" violence that there could be a lot of bad ahead.

That's the ultimate admission of surrender to the realities of the situation. "Democracy" is a political system where the governed trust the system to provide the changes they seek. The majority of the people of Iraq no longer believe that the American occupiers and their stooges hiding in the Green Zone (when they aren't on a 60-day vacation) can provide for even the most basic needs: a modicum of security and utilities that work more than two or three hours a day.

The Iraqs have been radicalized by reality. Bush promised but failed to deliver. While some Americans are willing to just tolerate the situation over there, clearly four years of endless chaos is enough for the people who have to live most directly with the debacle of our invasion and occupation.

But Bush still won't admit he was wrong. The man who promised liberty for Iraq is now driven to "pacify" the people rather than free them.

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