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Are Attacks on Soros Antisemitism in Disguise?

AmericaBlog commentary:

The Republican party hasn't lost its ability to hate just about everybody. I had thought with all their attention of late to Muslim-bashing and gay-bashing, they'd forgotten about the Jews. But alas, no suck luck. The GOP propaganda organ, and cult-run newspaper, Washington Times has joined the recent surge of George-Soros-Jew bashing that's been on the uptick of late in the Republican party and among their surrogates (is it just a coincidence that GOP surrogate and CNN host Glenn Beck last night noted that America just can't afford a Jew as president?)

In this latest broadside in the Moonie paper, we learn that the "amoral" and "wealthy super-elite" George Soros has a "hatred of Christianity" and "control" over a vast conspiracy to take over the world.

What, no comment about his nose?

I really wish someone would explain to me why so many right-wingers love to attack Jews but at the same time are the most strident supporters of Israel...

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Comments (3)


paul, did you actually read the article that AmericaBlog was commenting on. Granted it attacked Soros and leftists pretty hard. But I really really don't see how anyone could derive antisemitism from the article.

is Soros super-elite wealthy? i would say so, yes.

does he hate christianity? i don't know for sure, but having read comments that he has made, it would appear so.

is he amoral? well, that's a judgement call i can't make. but i don't see how amoral = jew bashing.

and finally does soros have control over a conspiracy to take over the world? that is an interesting accusation....he does have vast financial influence over some pretty visible left wing organizations that have had some large impact. no where does the article say anything about taking over the work, however. it accuses soros of wanting to move policitcs ot the left. and i think even good old george would agree that is what he is trying to do.

i think labeling it anti-jew is wrong. anti-left and anti-soros it most definitely was

P. Bunyan:

The right's disgust with Soros has nothing to do with his ancestry. Only a bigot would come to that conclusion.

I oppose Soros because he is a evil, anti-American, pro-genocide, socialist.

The fact that the leadership of the Democratic Party are nothing more than his puppets is very scary.


Wait... Soros is Jewish?

You learn something new every day, I guess.

It's funny, though, that the same folks who will tell you that the US is in the pocket of the Israelis for pretty much everything will also tell you that the people running that government are anti-Semitic.

There's a bit of cognitive dissonance there.


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