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Bush and Congress Have the Same Approval Numbers

TPM Cafe story:

Sobering news for the Dem Congress? A new AP-Ipsos poll finds Bush's approval rating mired at 35% -- but also finds Congress' approval number stuck at exactly the same level, a drop of five points since last month. A Dem spokesman explains things by saying that "voters are frustrated by the fact that the president refuses to change direction on Iraq."

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Comments (3)


I wouldn't be too concerned about it, I think those approval rating polls are unreliable enough to be entirely useless.

But it does make sense that the spokesman quoted blames Bush.

P. Bunyan:

"voters are frustrated by the fact that the president refuses to change direction on Iraq."

Yeah, riiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiight. It always all George Bush's fault.

Well you got me laughing again to start my weekend. Thanks Paul!

Paul Hamilton:

P. Bunyan: I laughed about that as well. While Iraq is first and foremost in the minds of most Americans, I think that by voting for change last November, the people expect congress to work toward other issues which the public believes are important rather than spending all their time squabbling with Bush. That might make the Ned Lamont branch of the party giddy, but we all know what happened to him...


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