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Can Bush Recover?

Fred Barnes asks the question at the Wall Street Journal:

Can President Bush recover? It matters enormously in the 2008 election -- particularly in the presidential race -- whether he does or not. Either way, recovery or no recovery, the president will have a powerful impact on the outcome. If he fails to lift himself out of the political doldrums, his successor in the White House is likely to be a Democrat. But should he pull off a strong finishing kick, as President Reagan did in 1988, the prospects of another Republican president will improve significantly.

President Bush of course won't be on the ballot. But the status of his presidency -- whether he's seen as successful or not -- will frame the election year debate, just as it did when Harry Truman, Dwight Eisenhower, Lyndon Johnson, and Ronald Reagan left office after two presidential terms.

Conservative commenters at Wizbang! have been admonishing me for the last year with the statement that "Bush isn't running for President in 2008," but I have never doubted for a second that the public's perception of this man and his record would be the most important determining factor in the upcoming Presidential election.

And the answer to Barnes' question "Can Bush recover?" ... is No. George Bush did this country a tremendous disservice, in a tremendously disrespectful way, and the only thing that will please the majority of us is the moment when President Bush gives us a big smile and wave, and walks out of 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue for the last time.

He will not be missed.

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Comments (7)


The Republican candidates, except Ron Paul, are pretty similar to Bush in their policies and positions. If people don't like Bush's policies (and less than 30% like him right now), they won't like these other Republicans either.

P. Bunyan:

"will please the majority of us"

By "us" you mean evil, pro-genocide socialists who would prefer that the US suffer a humiliating defeat in Iraq rather than have the Bush Presidency be rightly viewed as a success?

P. Bunyan:

"and less than 30% like him right now"

Polls also show that 70% are either evil, pro-genocide socialists or information-retarded (due to the efforts of the evil, pro-genocide socialists).

civil behavior:

Now, those of us who see this humiliating, overeach of a cabal of neocons who used this nation as their toilet paper are "evil" and "pro genocidal socialists"????

Bunyan, how old are you?

Obviously not old enough to have lived through enough of life to be able to distinguish success from criminality. There is a difference. Just because they wear a white collar doesn't make them holy.

P. Bunyan:

People who spread disingenuous propaganda in an effort to deligitimize and demoralize the forces of good in this world are evil.

Kill 50 million inconvenient humans is genocide.

Democrat economic and social policies are socialist.

I'm in my 40's.

Paul Hamilton:

P. Bunyan, you just keep right on insulting the people whose votes you need to regain power. Attitudes like that are the Dems' best asset.

P. Bunyan:

I don't need to "regain power". I never had it and I'm not running for any office anyway.

But if you mean the Republicans, I don't think insulting 18% of the electorate will be a problem. Becides, if reality is an insult to you far lefitsts then maybe you'd better rethink you beliefs and values.


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