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Iraq's Politicians Plan their Summer Vacations

Our heroes in arms continue to lay down their lives in an effort to give the Iraqi people a chance at a better future. Already this month 31 have been killed and 116 wounded. April was the worst month for coalition fatalities since January of 2005.

Meanwhile, the worthless and corrupt Iraqi politicians who are leading that country to the brink of disaster because they insist on pursuing their narrow and parochial sectarian interests over those of the country continue to bicker endlessly while producing little or nothing of value. Zero progress has been made on amending the Constitution as was promised to the Sunnis in order to gain their participation in the electoral process. A proposal on how to divide Iraq's oil revenues among the provinces appears to be still-born.

And now, to add insult to the injury our troops are suffering, they plan to take a two-month vacation this summer during July and August. Isn't that rich? The Iraqi politicians will be summering on the beaches of Dubai, Lebanon and the Greek Isles while our troops are grinding their way through the Sunni Triangle battling insurgents and terrorists in the 120 degree heat.

While our troops are breaking down doorways, clearing buildings, interrogating suspects, defusing IEDs, uncovering weapons caches, and providing a variety of services normally undertaken by government agencies, the Iraqi politicians will be sipping cognac, smoking cigars and counting the cash that they have ripped off from the Iraqi and the American people. While their country burns and American soldiers are dying for their freedom they will be living the high life far away from Baghdad and its car bombs, mortar attacks, power outages, gasoline lines, stinking piles of garbage and wretched open sewers.

Iraq's ruling political class makes me sick. They could give a damn about the sacrifices being made by our soldiers. Taking a two-month vacation in the middle of this war is like jabbing a sharp stick in the eye of the American people who have generously given them a chance for freedom and democracy. It's time to bring this ridiculous farce to a merciful end.

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Comments (5)

Paul Hamilton:

Wonder what happened to those tons of cash we shipped in a while back... As if I need to ask.

I bet when we finally leave, these clowns will be begging for a ride out so they don't have to actually face the people they're supposed to represent.



I completely agree with your post here, this is an insult. It enough to make me want us to withdraw every single troop while those bastards are vacationing on the beach.

P. Bunyan:

I don't care about them taking a vacation. The government that governs the least governs the best, in my opinion.

I wish our congress would take a vacation until January 2008. They'd do much less harm that way.



You don't see this as a slight...our men and women trying to fix their country and their going on vacation?

It's like someone asking you to help them move and then when you start they go out see a movie with their friends.


They're sending real mixed messages here:

CAMBRIDGE, England - Iraq's president, worried about growing opposition in Congress to funding for the war, said Friday he believes U.S. and British troops will need to stay in Iraq for one or two more years to help stem the bloodshed.
Jalal Talabani told students at the University of Cambridge that all of Iraq was safer because of Saddam Hussein's ouster and that many people were living "normal" lives.
"I think within one or two years, we will be able to recruit our forces and prepare our armed forces and tell goodbye to our friends," he said.
Talabani's visit comes as the Baghdad government is growing concerned about rapidly deteriorating support for the war in the United States and Britain. The government has dispatched senior officials to Washington this week to warn U.S. lawmakers that pulling out troops would have disastrous consequences.

Please don't leave...how will we go on vacation!


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