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Jihad with Cheese in New Jersey

Opinion Mill story:

It seems only fitting that a terrorist plot supposedly based in part on information gleaned from pizza deliveries would get cheesier on closer inspection.

So as New Jersey broadcast and print news outlets are in the throes of a massive attack of Jack Bauer Fever over allegations that six bozos had a notion that they'd like to attack Fort Dix, it's a little disconcerting to realize that the prime mover behind the plot appears to have been the very FBI informer who blew the whistle on the scheme:

The informer, sent to penetrate a loose group of men who liked to talk about jihad and fire guns in the woods, had come to be seen by the suspects as the person who might actually show them how an act of terror could be carried off.

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Comments (6)

Paul Hamilton:

Well, hopefully the A Team is out of business permanently but it doesn't serve any real purpose to make a big deal out of posers like these. Except for the purposes of the NeoCons, of course.


Idiots or no, it was a positive thing for us to apprehend these Islamic extremists before they could do anything.

These guys needed help because they were planning on attacking a military base. Had they decided on a mall or a pre-school, numerous people would have been killed and injured.

Paul Hamilton:

Heralder, if those idiots had tried to attack a military base, they would have been wiped out before they got three steps inside the fence.


I agree Paul. I'm just pointing out the dangerous nature of these people. A quick change in targets would yeild horrifying results...so it's not necessary to downplay this as much.

Paul Hamilton:

That would be true except you need to remember that they been under constant watch ever since January of last year. Sort of like the terrorist wannabes over in London. It would have been impossible for them to execute ANY plan because the moment they tried, the police would have been all over them.



I'm only taking issue with the fact that they are being treated as no big deal and just laughably stupid criminals. They are stupid, yes, but we happen to be fighting a war largely against Islamic extremists....that's where this case takes on a more serious tone.


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