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Further Evidence that the "Surge" is Working

Yep, any day now the bad guys are going to throw up their hands and surrender:

Truck bombs exploded on three important bridges near Baghdad on Friday, killing 26 people and damaging two of the spans in an apparent attempt by insurgents to paralyze road links to the Iraqi capital.

The attacks defy efforts by the U.S. military to smash car bomb cells and are the latest in a series of attacks on infrastructure around Baghdad, where U.S. and Iraqi forces have deployed thousands more troops under a three-month-old security plan. Police said suicide truck bombers struck police checkpoints on two bridges in a Shi'ite area south of Baghdad, killing 22 people and badly damaging one bridge. They said 60 people were wounded.

An Iraqi army source said a truck bomb also hit a bridge near the town of Taji just north of Baghdad on the main highway connecting the capital with cities in the north. He said it was quickly followed by a car bomb that killed four soldiers there. The U.S. military said the bridge was impassable for northbound traffic.

Update: and now some of our heroes might have been taken prisoner by the enemy:

Four American troops and one Iraqi army interpreter have been killed and three American troops are missing after an attack on Saturday morning 12 miles west of Mahmoudiya -- a city south of the capital in Babil province, the U.S. military said.

The coalition team of seven Americans and the Iraqi interpreter was attacked before dawn, the military said. A nearby unit heard explosions, and 15 minutes later, a drone aircraft spotted two burning vehicles, according to a U.S. military statement.

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"Hey, you wanna go set off a truck bomb in a market, liek we've been doing for the last four years?"

"Naah, we can't get close enough to them any more. How about we set a couple off on some unguarded bridges and call it a day?"

"Yeah, sounds good to me."

So yeah, the surge is working.

For an interesting "exercise" may I suggest taking a visit to Redstate which has a terrible case of BDS (Bush Delusion Syndrome). When you close the window, you are left shaking your head.


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