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Global Warming is a GOOD Thing...

from Slashdot:

"A lengthy article in Spiegel explores the possibility that global warming might make life on Earth better, not just for humans, but all species. The article argues that 'worst-case scenarios' are often the result of inaccurate simulations made in the 1980s. While climate change is a reality, as far as the article is concerned, some planning and forethought may mean that more benefits than drawbacks will result from higher temperatures.

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Comments (3)

Steve Crickmore:

I don't know Paul?..It depends on where you live obviously and what you like doing. The report says snow will be a thing of the past. My oldest daughter, (10) loves to ski and lives in Andorra, in the Pyrénées mountains between Spain and France. Their main industry, winter skiing was devastated this year, sadly, by the record low snowfall. I had thoughts of her becoming an Olympic skier; the country has only 80,000 in population, but it may not be sport, in 25 years time.

Paul Hamilton:

It seemed to me that the article was trying to put the very best face on the situation, which balances out the usual doomsdays stuff. As usual, the truth will almost certainly be somewhere in the middle.

civil behavior:

AS I sit here in West Palm Beach FL under a warning for a possible tornado, gold ball size hail, very heavy rain, severe lightning while peering through layers of smoke from the fires blazing the northern border destroying over 212 thousand acres I too can believe that global warming is making life on planet earth better. This the second time in a two weeks

Yesiree........count me in.


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