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Just Turn Off Their Microphone

Al Qaeda claims to hold three U.S. soldiers captive. If true we can expect a long, drawn out public relations show.

Knowing that this may well become another political propaganda football used by AQ as part of their campaign of terror, what would you think about the idea of having the political leaders of our country call for a news media blackout on this event, to take away Al Qaeda's microphone, stage and spotlight?

Just a thought... What do you think?

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Comments (3)

Paul Hamilton:

AQ is always going to CLAIM they have our people whether they do or not. I agree that the best thing we can do is not serve as their propaganda agents.

Jeff Blogworthy:

Right now, the story is still pretty small. A call for a blackout from our politicians would serve to amplify it and would itself draw undue attention to the story. It would be a PR nightmare. Would this be forced censorship or voluntary? I would definitely be against the former and think it would be foolish to call for the latter.

As far as the political ramifications if the story is true. It could create problems for the left, since we are constantly assured that our war with AQ has nothing to do with Iraq or vise versa. If these guy publicly mistreat our soldiers, it could re energize and coalesce support for the war. The best thing AQ could do is to let them go to show the world how "magnanimous" they are. This would give them a chance to use the political left to the fullest advantage.

A voluntary call. I noticed the media got the idea pretty quickly when the call went out to stop showing the Virginia Tech photos and video files of Cho.


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