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Bush and Motherhood

ContraCosta Times:

As individuals, we're pretty fond of our mothers. But as a nation we don't value motherhood all that much. We lag far behind Europe in granting leave for the birth or adoption of a child, for example. Our system of unpaid leave applies only to those who work for the largest corporations, and most new mothers (or fathers) can't afford to take it anyway. CEOs and their lap-dog lawmakers say paid leave, the norm in most of the rest of the developed world, would cost too much. Guess it would. After all, we have to save money -- for tax breaks and corporate bailouts benefiting the same employers that don't provide any family benefits.

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If they finally get around to paid maternity leave, what do I get for NOT having a kid, showing up all of the time, and working more hours, aside from less time off and a somewhat larger paycheck from the overtime of having to cover for those new moms?

They already get a lot of unpaid compensation (hours per week talking to their kids during business hours, telling them to do or not do things, along with "I have to get off early to pick up Little Johnny from the daycare center"), as well as other perks.

Even unpaid leave - in addition to whatever vacation or time off the rest of the staff get - is pretty spiffy, since most childless folks who take "unpaid leave" tend to be the first people laid off or fired, and the refrain of "such-and-so has kids, let's keep them on" is pretty common.

Paul Hamilton:

Well, it's sort of an acid test for whether Bush and Co. are sincere about "Family Values" or whether they just give it lip service to help them get elected.

I think a *reasonable* amount of time off after birth or adoption is appropriate.


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