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Christian Conservatives for Anybody-But-Rudy

from TPM Cafe:

The Washington Times reports that many Christian conservative leaders are getting ready to support Fred Thompson, having found serious flaws with all the current candidates -- especially Rudy Giuliani. "It's the moment of truth for conservatives," said one source. "Either social conservatives rally to stop a Giuliani nomination and victory for him in November 2008 or our issues -- abortion, same-sex marriage, the preservation of the family -- are permanently off the Republican Party agenda."

I love Republican infighting... :)

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Comments (4)

U. P. Man:

Where as if you are Democrat it is the left way or no way.

Joe Lieberman ring any bells?

Always choose the party that has discussion and disagreement vs the Democrat Borg think.

U.P. Man:

Which is my point.

Democrats=Myway or Highway
Republican=Let's argue but support each other in areas that we agree upon

Paul Hamilton:

Larkin: I saw a commentary last week on one of the LW sites about how "we" -- whover "we is -- are supposed to take electoral revenge on the 10 or so Dems who voted against the measure to kill the war. That sort of thinking is so self-destructive that it infuriates me.


i live in a very "progressive" part of the country. the ideological totaltarianism of the left is immeasurable. to fail to adhere to the party line leads to loss of posistion, respect, career. in conversations i have had with liberals, they invariable state their ideological views as facts not open to discussion and denigrate anyone who dares question them.

my question is this:
how is this different than the spanish inquisition?


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