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Fred Thompson Speaks to UltraSecret Christian Group

TPM Cafe story:

The New York Times was able to obtain some details of Fred Thompson's speech yesterday before the Council for National Policy, a Christian conservative group so secretive that not only are meetings closed, but members are forbidden in the by-laws from discussing the proceedings before or after the meetings. A source closed to Thompson said the speech would be about "the rule of law and how that comes into play in civil society," as well as including some discussion about Thompson's work guiding Chief Justice John Roberts through confirmation process.

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Comments (2)

Jeff Blogworthy:

Hmmm. Sounds almost as secret as Hillary's health care plan meetings.


as a private citizen, Fred can speak to whomever he wants. and this is hardly the only group in the nation that has private meetings.

just what are you implying about this group, paul. and why don't you just come out say it?


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