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How to Break the Republican Funk

Townhall commentary:

Republican success since the rise of Reagan has been defining a bankrupt Democratic Party, out of step with American values of freedom and limited government, and offering an alternative.

To recall Reagan's oft-quoted observation at the CPAC conference in 1985, "The tide of history is moving irresistibly in our direction. Why? Because the other side is virtually bankrupt of ideas. It has nothing more to say, nothing to add to the debate. It has spent its intellectual capital."

The difference between the Democratic Party in 2007 and 1985 is absolutely zero.

I don't like Frank Luntz's politics but he is a very clever fellow, and his appearance on Bill Maher's show this week was very informative. I thought his point that all the Dems have been doing for years is to run against Bush was right on the money. That got Arrianna all (ahem..) huffy, but it's true. We can't win by saying what we are against, we will win by saying what we plan to do to change the mess that George Bush has created -- repeatedly, in great detail and language that the average voter can understand.

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Comments (2)

Paul Hamilton:

Crooks and Liars has a smarmy commentary about Luntz and his appearance on Real Time. I still say that we ignore his words at our peril...



that was the lamest link i've ever followed (crooks and liars). is there any way for me to get those 5 seconds of life back?

are you really sure you want to run on the issues, paul?

universal health care? the idea is so bad that it lost 117-0 in illinois today.

amnesty for illegal immigrants? the majority of voters are opposed to it.

bring the troops home, regardless of the strategic and real, human, costs of doing so? everyone that i talk to, when they start really thinking about what those costs are start hemming and hawing.

anti-corruption? that worked great in 2006. and if the demo congress had actually done anything about it they could use it. but they haven't and running on that platform again will just allow the pubs to through that in the face of which ever candidate tries to use it.

returning diplomacy to the forefront of US foreign policy and restoring the image of the US abroad. that's an interesting one. i haven't yet heard how any of the candidates that have promised that have said how they would do it.

other than that...really, just what are the democratic issues? i haven't heard any others than these. oh and "i'm not bush" but that's a given.

i'm not trying to bash the democrats. i really would like to know what the issues they think they can win are and why they think that.


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